The Court of Justice & the Holy Besakih Temple

Join this pilgrimage to the holiest and most important temple on Bali, the Holy Besakih Temple. Another highlight of today’s excursion is a visit to the Kerta Gosa Justice Hall.

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    All ages
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    Approximately 8½ hours

Depart the pier and enjoy the hour-and-30-minute countryside drive to the former imperial capital of Klungkung, now known as Semarapura.

Here, you will visit the Kerta Gosa, or the Royal Court of Justice, and admire the remarkable hall ceiling, which is completely covered with painted panels. The artists who painted these panels come from the nearby village of Kamasan, an important center of traditional and contemporary Balinese paintings.

After viewing these exquisite paintings, take the brief transfer to the Mahagiri restaurant for a Lunch and chance to appreciate this beautiful spot overlooking luxuriant rice terraces.

Continue north to Bali’s holy mountain, the great Gunung Agung. On its slopes stands the impressive Pura Besakih, the largest Hindu temple in Bali. Also known as the Mother Temple, Pura Besakih is actually not one temple, but is a complex of 22 separate temples clinging to the southern slopes of Mount Agung. The structures date to the 11th century, prior to the introduction of the Hindu religion on Bali, and were originally dedicated to the dragon god, Besuki.

For centuries, worship at Besakih was the exclusive privilege of the rajas. Today, the temple is now open to all Hindu believers – and to you, our Crystal guest. As you step through the temple’s monumental gate, you are met with the spectacular sight of stepped terraces and stairs that rise up to verdant courtyards and majestic spires.

Following your discovery of this remarkable site, re-board your motor coach for the approximately 150-minute return to the pier.

Important Notes:

Guests should be aware that this excursion involves five hours-and-15 minutes of travel by motor coach, including an approximately 150-minute drive from Besakih Temple back to the pier; however, the fascinating sights included in this excursion are its main focus and more than compensate for the length of the journey. It is recommended that guests dress in lightweight cotton clothing and wear flat, comfortable shoes. It is also recommended that guests wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, and bring along an umbrella. A sarong and sash for your temple visit will be provided. The order of sights visited may vary.This Crystal Adventures excursion MUST be pre-reserved.