Baie-Comeau Highlights & Manic-2 Dam

Today's excursion combines an introduction to the city's highlights with a visit to Manic-2, the spectacular dam located on the Manicouagan River about 14 miles from Baie-Comeau.

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Depart the pier bymotor coachfor your approximately 30-minute transfer to the dam. Formerly known as the Jean-Lesage generating station, so-named for the premier of Quebec who served during the time of the dam's construction, the hollow-joint gravity dam is the size of a Boeing 747 and the first to be put into service at the Manic-Outardes complex. The building of the dam began in 1961In 1965, the complex was complete enough for the first group of five turbines to be put online, making it the first 735,000-volt line in the worldSince the dam's completion in 1967, it has become the international standard for high-voltage transmissionThe line is linked to a generating station powerful enough to supply electricity to a city of 250,000 people. Appreciate the size and complexity of the dam complex with a guided visit to the reception building, the multimedia room that offers insights into the dam's construction and operation, and the Georges-D'or Pavilion, which houses an actual turbine. Then venture into the heart of Manic-2 and marvel at one of the station's powerful generators for an opportunity to discover how electricity is produced and delivered to people's homesInside the generating station, you can stand beneath a turbine-generator unit and feel its immense power as the 440-ton structure rotates at the rate of 120 revolutions per minute. Concluding your discovery of this impressive dam complex, make your way back to the pier, enjoying a survey of Baie-Comeau en routeSee Place La Salle, the bustling commercial artery that is home to specialty food shops, souvenir stores, art galleries, fine restaurants and night clubs, and view Biosphere Square, a public space representing sustainable development. Your guided city experience drawing to a close, you may either return directly to your Crystal ship or remain in town for further exploration on your own.