Ancient Corinth & Navigation of the Corinth Canal

Ancient Corinth and Navigation of the Corinth Canal.

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    Approximately 7 hours

Departing from the port of Piraeus, travel 90 minutes via air-conditioned motor coach to the town of Corinth. In ancient times, Corinth was among the richest of cities, evidenced by the remains of the huge Agor (marketplace) and Apollo’s Temple. Your knowledgeable guide will provide commentary on the archaeological wonders of the Kingdom of Pelops. Excavations began in 1896 and continue today by the American School of Classical Studies. During your visit, you will see the fortress on Acrocorinthos, the prehistoric settlements, the theatre, the Odeon, the Quarter of the Potters and other buildings outside of the main archaeological site.

The next site you will visit is the famous Corinth Canal. Roman emperor Nero planned to build a canal connecting the Saronic and Corinthian Gulfs, but his dream was never realized. In his day, ships had to be winched and dragged across the isthmus, a system preferred to the perilous journey around the storm-lashed southern cape of the Peloponnesian Peninsula. It wasn’t until 1881 that French engineers actually started digging. It took them 11 years to complete the canal, which is four miles long, 26 feet deep, 70 feet wide and has sloping sides which reach 170 feet. From the village of Isthmia, board your caique, or local boat, for a cruise through the canal while enjoying refreshments.

Following your crossing of the canal, you will proceed to the nearby area of Loutraki, a famous ancient spa resort, where you
will have lunch at the deluxe Club Hotel Loutraki.

All too soon, re-board your motor coach for your return to Piraeus and your Crystal ship.



Important Notes:
Although there is no age requirement for this excursion, it is suggested that guests be a minimum of five years old in order to participate. It is recommended that guests dress in casual clothing, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, as well as wear flat, comfortable shoes. Although it is not anticipated that you will get wet on this excursion, any electronic devices (such as MP3 players, cell phones, cameras, etc.), as well as any valuable items must be stored in a sealable, waterproof dry bag or left on board the ship. Any damage occurring to these items is the responsibility of the guests. The order of sights visited may vary. Pre-reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommended.