Masada by Foot & Jerusalem by Helicopter

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to see central Israel, steeped in history and legend, unfold before you in this half-day adventure, which includes a guided tour of Masada and flightseeing over Jerusalem.

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    8 & above
  • Duration
    Approximately 5-51/2 hours

From the pier, travel 15 minutes to the helicopter pad. Once aboard the helicopter, your southbound flight begins, providing a bird’s-eye view of the ancient city of Ashkelon and the Gaza Strip beyond. As the fertile northern section of the Negev Desert leads eastward into the Judean Desert, you will begin to notice steep, deep canyons leading to the Dead Sea.

After 45 minutes in the air, you will land next to Masada, where your minivan awaits. A short ride later, you will ascend by cable car to a guided tour of renowned Masada, one of Israel’s most spectacular archaeological sites. Masada towers nearly 1,000 feet above the Dead Sea, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This two-and-a-half-hour stop affords plenty of time to explore Masada, and there will be coffee and soft drinks available.

Re-boarding your helicopter, spend the final hour over the Syrian-African rift and the Dead Sea. One of the world’s longest rifts, it stretches from Victoria Falls in Africa northward to Syria, forming the lowest spot on Earth, the Dead Sea, in the process. You will see the sulphur hot springs of Ein Gedi and the famed Qumran Caves, where in 1947 Bedouin shepherds found the Dead Sea Scrolls, one of the most significant biblical archaeological discoveries of the century.

Traveling westward, you will notice the land ascend some 3,600 feet toward Jerusalem. Enjoying magnificent views only accessible by helicopter, you will see Mt. Scopus and Mt. Olives, along with the world-famous Temple Mount, built in 691 CE, known for its golden Dome of the Rock.

This impressive excursion concludes shortly thereafter at Ashdod port, where you will be transferred back to your Crystal ship.

Important Notes:
It is recommended that guests dress in casual clothing and wear flat, comfortable shoes. As strong glares may be expected during the flight, sunglasses are recommended. The order of sights visited may vary. The operation of this excursion is dependent on prevailing weather conditions. This Crystal Adventures excursion MUST be pre-reserved.