Turning Point: The Battle of Milne Bay

Today a peaceful paradise, the shores of Milne Bay were once a scene of war, played out most dramatically during a two-week battle in 1942. Learn the story of the Battle of Milne, considered a turning point in World War II, with visits to major monuments and battlegrounds.

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    Approximately 2 hours

Travel aboard your local bus to Wahuhuba Bay, the first landing site of the Japanese, who then advanced by tank into the nearby town of Ahioma and the surrounding countryside.

Consider the ramifications of the Japanese invasion and Allied response with free time at Wahuhuba before sketching more details of war as you head to the Turnbull War Memorial site at Kainako, the original No. 3 Airstrip. En route, you will pass the Corporal John French Memorial, just outside of town, and KB mission, site of some of the war’s fiercest fighting. It was here on September 4, 1942, that Allied forces repelled the Japanese, forcing them to retreat.

Arriving at the Turnbull War Memorial, view the monuments and photos commemorating the battle and Royal Australian Air Force Squadron Leader, Peter Turnbull, who was killed during the Battle of Milne Bay.

Returning to Alotau, visit the Milne Bay War Memorial, a shoreside monument built in 2002 by the Australian War Graves Commission in memory of those who courageously fought in New Guinea (then the Territory of Papua), resulting in what is widely hailed as the first decisive Allied defeat of Japanese land forces.

A vivid picture of war complete, make your way to the pier.

Important Notes:                                                               
Transportation is by local, non-air-conditioned bus. Infrastructure in Papua New Guinea is very basic. While most roadways in the town center are paved, others remain unpaved and all roads, including paved thoroughfares, may be rough and bumpy. As this excursion involves walking over uneven, grassy and natural trails, with some inclines and declines, it is not recommended for guests with walking difficulties. It is recommended that guests dress in casual clothing and wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and flat, comfortable shoes. Guests should bring along raingear in case of inclement weather. This excursion will operate in all weather conditions. Should other cruise ships be calling on this destination at the same time, some crowding may be expected. The order of sights visited may vary. This Crystal Advenutre MUST be pre-reserved.

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