Medieval Alcoy & Menorquin Horse Show

During an excursion combining city history with equestrian traditions, you will visit Alcoy, known for its bridges, and a riding school, where you will witness the incredible agility of the Menorquin horse, trained in the art of Spanish dressage.

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    All ages
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    Approximately 5 hours

Pre-reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommended.

Enjoy your scenic travels to Alcoy, arriving after a journey of about one hour. Here you will come to understand why this historic town is often referred to as the City of Bridges, so called for its viaducts and numerous bridges crossing the three rivers that wend their way through the city.

Join a guided walk along the town’s medieval streets, passing by such sights as Sant Roc’s Arch and Na Valora’s Tower. Also make your way to Les Xiques square, where parts of the original city wall remain.

A visit to the Archaeological Museum is an additional highlight. Located in an old palace dating to 1572, the museum displays many interesting artifacts, including a collection of ancient ceramics.

Next, transfer to the riding school for your opportunity to become introduced to an icon of local culture, the Menorquin horse. Named for the Balearic island of Menorca from which it hails, the Menorquin horse is an all-black breed, known for its sleek elegance undergirded by strength and muscularity. The horse is a vital part of the traditional festivals of Menorca, which date back centuries.

Be awed by a show of the Menorquin’s abilities, watching in amazement as they demonstrate the intricacies of the doma menorquina, a style of high dressage that showcases athletic and complex moves and gaits, all signaled by the rider and understood, silently and seemingly telepathically, by the beautiful, black steed.

Following an impressive show, return to the pier with a journey of about one hour.

Important Notes:
Guests should be aware that there is an approximately 2-hour, round-trip motor coach ride to Alcoy; however, the fascinating sights included in this excursion are its main focus and more than compensate for the length of the journey. As this excursion involves approximately 1½ hours of walking over uneven surfaces that may be muddy and the negotiation of some steps, it is not recommended for guests with walking difficulties.It is recommended that guests dress casual clothing, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, as well as wear flat, comfortable shoes that they don’t mind getting dirty. Some crowding may be expected at sights visited. The order of sights visited may vary. The operation of this excursion is dependent on weather conditions. A minimum number of bookings is required for this excursion to operate. Pre-reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommended.