Highlights of Cairo

This full-day excursion will introduce you to the essential highlights of Cairo. Colorful sights, sounds and scents are yours to enjoy during this excursion.

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    All ages
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    Approximately 12 - 12½ hours

From Alexandria, board your air-conditioned motor coach for a three-hour drive to Cairo, situated where the Nile Valley widens into a flat, fertile delta. En route, your guide will provide interesting facts about the sites you will be visiting in Cairo.

Your first stop this morning is in suburban Giza, where you will see the world’s most-famous monuments of antiquity, the Pyramids and the Sphinx. The precise majesty of the Pyramids is breathtaking, while the power of the Sphinx’s presence is felt by all who visit.

Time permitting, a brief stop will be made for you to shop the bazaars for a souvenir or trinket before continuing to your lunch venue.

Following lunch, rejoin your motor coach for the drive to Cairo. You will visit the impressive Egyptian Museum, which houses over 100,000 relics and antiquities from almost every period of Egyptian history. Enjoy a two-hour walking tour of the most significant exhibits, including the display of King Tutankhamen’s priceless treasures. His tomb at Luxor had fortunately escaped the ravages of grave robbers when it was discovered in 1922. You will also have the opportunity to view the Mummies Room, the museum’s most recent exhibit.

After this exhilarating and informative day, re-board your motor coach for the three-hour drive back to Alexandria.


Important Notes: Delays may occur due to Cairo’s dense traffic. The Egyptian Museum is not air-conditioned, nor does it have elevators; therefore, two flights of stairs must be navigated. Due to the popularity of the sights visited, crowding and lines can be anticipated. The order of sights visited may vary.