The Ghostly Side of Adelaide

Many have discovered the charm of Adelaide’s well-planned streets and parklands, but few have seen the city’s darker side. Here is your chance to peek into the haunted corners of Adelaide with an early evening walking tour of the city’s notorious crime scenes and haunted buildings, offering an excursion that is so fun that it’s scary.

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    3 & above
  • Duration
    Approximately 2½ hours

A brief transfer by minivan delivers you to the starting point of your guided walk.

One of the oldest suburbs in Adelaide, Port Adelaide got its start with the nickname of Port Misery, so-called for its dearth of amenities, lack of fresh water supply, rampant mosquitos and inconveniently high tides.

Fast-forward several hundred years and the port area, along with the city of Adelaide, has come into its own, drawing visitors from far and wide to its inviting streets. But there is still a part of Adelaide that lurks in the shadows between history and legend, fact and fiction. Along with residents looking for a gentle way of life, ghosts have made their claim here, haunting the area’s pubs, churches, houses and other historic sites. Criminals, too, have made their mark, making headlines that still resonate years later.

Your guide will take you through the streets to encounter some of the city’s most notorious buildings. Along the way, you will hear the tale of Jasper, the police constable who still makes his nocturnal rounds, and uncover Adelaide’s unseemly past with a look at the hotel that was once a brothel. Today, it is supposedly haunted by the ghost of the madam.

There is also the story of the ghost of a Russian sailor who has been sighted wandering a local basement looking for his mates. And be prepared for a chance meeting with Hamish, the ghost of an elderly gentleman who gets angry when disturbed by staff who currently work in his building. 

As dusk begins to fall, pause on a street just a short distance from the former Port Adelaide morgue, perhaps getting the chills when your guide relates the story of a former Port Adelaide mayor who died in the council chambers. 

Returning by minivan to the pier, you surely will conclude that this evening’s walk was not a mere phantom of a good time, but a very real treat indeed.

As this excursion involves approximately two hours of walking, it is not recommended for guests with walking difficulties. As the focus of this excursion is on ghosts, criminals and hauntings, it is not recommended for the faint of heart. It is recommended that guests wear flat, comfortable shoes. The order of sights visited may vary. Pre-reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommended.