Located just 26 miles from sister-island Antigua, Barbuda could not feel more far away. The island, pronounced Bar-byou-da, is considered the "Last frontier of the Caribbean", with little in the way of tourist infrastructure, and most visitors would have it no other way. Pink-tinged beaches lapped by calm waters protected by barrier reefs create an idyllic escape, even from the exquisite calm and serenity of your Crystal yacht. It seems birds have discovered this little paradise as well, making the island a haven of their own. Barbuda is home to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, hosting one of the Caribbean’s largest nesting colonies of frigates. Other birds include pelicans, herons and tropical mockingbirds. Altogether, the 150 some-odd bird species outnumber human residents, which at last count came in at about 1,200. During your visit, you surely will feel lucky to count yourself among them.

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