Victorian Bar Harbor on Foot

Step back in time with this leisurely, guided stroll through the historic town of Bar Harbor, including a visit to St. Saviour’s Episcopal Church.

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    All ages
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    Approximately 1½ hours

From the pier, begin your walk through Bar Harbor’s charming streets, accompanied by your knowledgeable guide dressed in period costume. Your sense of being is transported to the carefree, prosperous time of the Astors and the Vanderbilts. The women portray Vanderbilt family maids and the men pose as dapper carriage drivers. Stop to view several summer “cottages,” which are actually magnificent, sprawling mansions, and hear stories of the extravagant parties hosted by some of the Victorian era’s most prominent families. Enjoy another glimpse into the past with an interior visit of St. Saviour’s Episcopal Church.

Built in 1878, it was initially constructed to seat 325 congregants; the church is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Step inside for a look at one of the church’s most impressive features, its ten Tiffany stained-glass windows. 

Having had the chance to peek into Bar Harbor’s romantic past, leisurely walk back to your Crystal ship or remain downtown for independent shopping.