The Fire and Honey Wine of Medieval Bamberg

Fully immerse yourself in the daily lifestyle of the founders of Bamberg, from aristocrats to peasants, as you experience a journey through the centuries in the most authentic ways.

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    All ages
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    3 Hours
During this authentic and immersive excursion in Bamberg, you’ll experience the daily lifestyle of its residents in centuries past. Following a short, 15-minute transfer to Bamberg’s city center, begin your step back in time with a toast of Met, or honey wine, in a special drinking horn before you set off on your 90-minute walking tour of the city. With several props representative of the medieval period of Bamberg’s history, you’ll explore the cobbled streets through the perspective of the aristocrats and peasants of the day. Learn about significant sites like Obere Brücke, or Upper Bridge, which connects the city center with the surrounding mountains and leads through the gate tower of Altes Rathaus, the Old Town Hall, which is built in the waters of the Regnitz River and dates to the 14th century. Alte Hofhaltung, a 15th century courtyard and building complex built for Emperor Henry II, sets the stage for your method experience today. Learn about its historical prominence and modern-day influence, as like many of Bamberg’s structures, its well-preserved architecture makes the centuries-old buildings entirely relevant today. You’ll have the opportunity to glimpse the daily activities of Bamberg’s historical nobility, which heavily stemmed from the church at the time, and fetch well water as the peasants did. Also learn how residents started their cooking fires with stone, steel and scale before returning to your Crystal ship. Important notes: It is recommended that guests wear comfortable, flat footwear on this excursion, as it involves extensive walking on cobbled and uneven terrain. This excursion is wheelchair accessible.