Forest Interpretation Center & Baie-Comeau Highlights

Learn about the region's rich cultural and commercial heritage and the strong character of the hearty souls who live in this remote local with an excursion that features a visit to a forest interpretation center and an introduction to Baie-Comeau's main sights.

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Aboard a non-air-conditioned school bus or similar transportation, head first to StPancrace Lookout, situated at an elevation of 1,967 feetMagnificent views are to be appreciated here, along with an interesting history that includes the Prohibition of the 1930s, during which this isolated spot was a popular delivery point for contraband liquor. Then it's on to a forest interpretation center known as Village Forestier d'antanHere, you will gain insights into the forest industry that was crucial to the development of the North Shore, including activities such as cutting, hauling and drivingInspect the center's exhibits such as typical buildings, period objects and old photographs and sample local foods for a real taste of the region. Rejoining your vehicle, leave behind the forest part of your outing to embark on the town portion, a short survey of Baie-Comeau's heritage areaSee Place La Salle, the bustling commercial artery that is home to specialty food shops, souvenir stores, art galleries, fine restaurants and night clubs, and view Biosphere Square, a public space representing sustainable development. As your guided excursion concludes, you may either return to the ship or remain in town to independently explore its historic streets.