Intransit Adventure: Waterfront Walk for Foodies

This guided walk takes you into the culinary realm of Auckland as you explore three city districts, all boasting a cool vibe and an array of eateriesStopping at several food establishments, you will taste a selection of delicious offerings.

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Your taste of Auckland begins at the pier, where you will join your guide and walk to some of the most vibrant parts of the city, including the Britomart sectionSurrounded by heritage buildings, the area is replete with an eclectic mix of cafes, fine restaurants and trendy bars, making it the hippest district in townYou will also investigate the Viaduct Harbour, featuring many award-winning restaurantsIn the revitalized Wynyard Quarter, you will discover streets lined with new eateries and taverns, with open picnic spaces and Auckland's Seafood MarketCertainly, with their historic buildings and pleasant avenues, these districts offer a treat for the eyeA treat for the palate is also afforded with tastings of various foods and beverages, such as bakery goods, local produce, cheeses, ice cream, coffee, chocolate and premium New Zealand wineHaving sampled the flavors of a vibrant city, return to the pier by foot