Masada Flightseeing & Jerusalem Exploration

Discover Jerusalem on a guided exploration and hover over Masada in a helicopter on this delightful excursion.

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Pre-Reservation Required.After a brief transfer to the helicopter pad, begin your flightseeing adventure by flying to MasadaYou will hover above this archaeological wonder for about ten minutes, enjoying a unique perspective of this UNESCO World Heritage SiteAfter a short fueling stop, you will then fly over the Syrian-African rift and the Dead SeaThe sulphur hot springs of Ein Gedi and the famed Qumran Caves lay below, where in 1947 Bedouin shepherds found the Dead Sea Scrolls, one of the most significant biblical archaeological discoveries of the century Next, fly westward toward Jerusalem, enjoy magnificent views only accessible by helicopter including MtScopus and MtOlives, the world-famous Temple Mount and the walled Old City Upon arrival, land in Jerusalem, where your transportation and guide await to escort you on a two-hour guided tour of the Old City Entering the Old City at the Jaffa Gate on the western side, your path winds through some of the most sacred sites in religious historyThe colorful bazaar leads to the Christian Quarter along part of the famous Via Dolorosa, believed to be the route of Jesus as he carried his cross to CalvaryYou will visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher at Golgotha, representing the six oldest Christian sectsView the golden-topped Dome of the Rock and experience the Western Wall (formerly the Wailing Wall), the holiest site in the Jewish world Exiting the Old City through the Dung Gate, you will proceed to the exquisite American Colony Hotel for a relaxing lunch and beverages After lunch, your driver will take you to your helicopter for the 30-minute flight back to Ashdod, where you will transfer to your Crystal ship. This Crystal Adventures excursion MUST be pre-reserved.