Crystal Overland Adventures: Wadi Rum Sunset Dinner Safari & the Rose City of Petra, Double Occupancy

Here is a chance to combine two exceptional Crystal experiences into one exciting adventure. First, travel to the wind-sculpted hills of Wadi Rum, part of a protected area covering nearly 300 square miles. Here, you will enjoy cocktails at sunset, followed by dinner. Then head to the ancient “Rose City” of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Exploring this incredible archaeological site on the second day of your Overland Adventure, you will marvel at the architectural and cultural wonders of this well-preserved metropolis, an enduring legacy of the Nabataeans dating as far back as 312 BC.

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    Approximately 1 night/2 days
Crystal Overland Adventures - This Crystal Adventures excursion MUST be pre-reserved.

Day 1

From Aqaba, travel approximately one hour by motor coach to barren yet beautiful Wadi Rum. More moonscape than desert, the landscape features weathered cliffs of black and crimson, towering dramatically over pink sands. This parched, mountainous wilderness is still home to Bedouin tribes, whose large, goat-hair tents add a touch of rugged antiquity and cinematic romance to this arid locale.

In fact, this region is literally cinematic, as it was across this captivating land that British scholar and military strategist, T.E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, undertook his desert escapades, thrillingly brought to life in the 1962 film, Lawrence of Arabia.

Surely, you will feel as if you are on a movie set yourself as you board a four-wheel-drive vehicle at the visitor’s center and admire the scenery en route to an ideal spot for your repast. The carpets will be laid and the candles will be lit, providing a sumptuous setting in this harsh environment, this evening made chic and comfortable just for you. A pianist will play soft tunes on a grand piano, while waiters will mingle among you as you indulge in a serving of drinks and hors d’oeuvres, followed by a private Bedouin dinner.

Afterward, depart Wadi Rum, rejoining your four-wheel-drive vehicle for the ride back to the visitor’s center. From here, the second part of your Overland Adventure begins as you join your motor coach and travel north approximately one hour and 40 minutes to Petra.

Check in to your hotel and get some rest, as tomorrow promises to be an exciting day at the stunning “Rose City” of Petra.

Day 2

After breakfast, depart by motor coach to reach Petra, an ancient city hewn from the pinkish-red sandstone that gives it its nickname, “Rose City.”

Your Petra experience begins on arrival. The single entrance to this UNESCO-listed city is the Siq, or “shaft,” a narrow passageway that runs between tall sandstone rocks, mostly created by natural forces and partly carved by the Nabataeans. On your approach to the Siq from the visitor’s center, you may either traverse the half-mile path by foot or choose the authentic way: by horseback, with your steed being led by an expert horseman.

Reaching the Siq entrance, continue by foot, taking the walk of about three-quarters of a mile through this sand and stone-paved gorge, a “shaft” indeed with widths as narrow as 10 feet and enormous rocks on either side reaching heights of up to 262 feet. In some places, the cliffs lean in overhead, allowing only a thin shaft of light to penetrate the gorge.

As breathtaking as your trek into the city is, your visit to the city itself is even more so. At the end of the Siq, you will get a tantalizing peek of the Treasury, fully revealed as you make your entrance into Petra. Carved from a sheet of vertical rock, the Treasury, or Al Khazna, is a marvelous cliff-face temple, incredibly well preserved to afford a glimpse into the early days of civilization.

During your approximately three-hour Petra exploration, discover other wonders, including the Court House, the Amphitheater, the row of monumental Nabataean tombs called the Street of Facades, and the Colonnaded Street that was one of the main shopping streets of the ancient city.

Concluding your visit, stroll back to Petra’s main gate and proceed to your hotel for a buffet lunch.

Your memorable one-night Crystal Overland Adventure is drawing to a close. After lunch, join your motor coach and embark on your approximately 2½-hour return journey to Aqaba, with plenty of time to share your impressions of Wadi Rum and the “Rose City” of Petra along the way.

Crystal Overland Adventures

This Crystal Adventures excurison MUST be pre-reserved.