Aqaba Acquaintance

Meet Aqaba, Jordan’s window to the Red Sea. You will visit many essential sights on this half-day excursion, all from the comfort of your air-conditioned motor coach.

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    All ages
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    Approximately 4 hours

This Crystal Adventures excursion MUST be pre-reserved.

As Jordan’s only seaport, this resort city enjoys a traditional way of life. In contrast to its desert neighbors to the north and east, Aqaba is a coastal home to first-rate restaurants, hotels and shopping. As is the case with so many ancient cities in this region, Aqaba’s reins have been handled by many cultures over time, all leaving their mark in one way or another.

From the pier, you will travel to the 14th-century Mameluk Fort. Originally a Crusader castle, it was rebuilt by the Mameluks in the 16th century, and its inscriptions mark the latter period of the Islamic Dynasty. Exhibits from the Roman, Byzantine and Omayyad eras showcase interesting artifacts.

Current excavations at the ancient site of Medieval Islamic Ayla have revealed a gate and city wall along with towers, buildings, town mosque, courtyards and baths. The Aqaba Museum, home to the great-grandfather of King Abdullah II, houses an impressive collection of coins and pottery.

Continuing on, you will visit the Marine Science Station. A fascinating cross-section of the Red Sea aquatic habitat is showcased in an indoor aquarium, which also features marine life found in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Prior to returning to the ship, enjoy a shopping spree at the City Center Market, where you will have about an hour to browse and barter for the tempting wares.

Important Notes:
It is recommended that guests dress in casual clothing, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, as well as wear flat, comfortable shoes. The order of sights visited may vary. A minimum number of bookings is required for this excursion to operate. See information concerning special cancellation conditions below. This Crystal Adventures excursion MUST be pre-reserved.

Availability: Limited

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