A Dip in the Piula Cave Pools

See why the fresh waters of the Piula Cave Pools are one of the island’s most popular spots for relaxing and swimming with an outing that also offers a presentation and entertainment centered around a storied coconut tree and a visit to Apia’s Catholic church.

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    All ages
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    Approximately 4 hours

Looking forward to a unique swimming experience, join your sedan or 4x4 vehicle at the pier and head to the edge of the north coast to reach the Piula Cave Pools. Situated below the historic Methodist Church at the Piula Theological College, the two freshwater grottoes are just a short distance from the sea, and transport visitors to another world.

The pools, also known as Fatumea Cave Pools, are formed by a natural spring flowing out of a cave and into the ocean. Connecting the two caves is a ten-foot underwater passage, offering the more brave of our guests a chance to slip under the water and swim amid the darkness to the other side.

You will find that Piula Cave Pools nicely blend lush, tropical surroundings with convenient amenities, including shaded areas, changing rooms and restrooms. The pools are lined with concrete and trimmed by cobblestone, making the waters more clear and clean that what might be found in purely natural pools. To ensure your continued energy for swimming and frolicking in the water, refreshments of local fruits will be available for the duration of your pool experience.

Today’s outing is not complete until you enjoy two more island highlights. The first is a presentation of the area’s storied coconut tree and its mythological origins, including a show that brings the tale to life, at nearby Le Uaina Seaside Resort, which can be reached by taking a walk along sandy pathways, swimming and wading through the Piula pools, or with a quick ride by vehicle. The second is a visit to Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, an architectural gem in the heart of Apia. Characterized by a grand, white façade with an interior adorned by beautiful stained-glass windows and a wood-carved ceiling, the church rivals those found in Europe.

Following your stop at the church and chance to explore Apia, return to your Crystal ship.

Pre-reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommended.