Antwerp, City of Fashion

Haute Couture and Diamonds await in the fashion center of Belgium and the diamond center of the world.

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    All ages
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    4 Hours
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading schools in fashion design. It is the birthplace of the Antwerp Six, a fashion collective from the 1980s, that that thrust Antwerp into fashion stardom, and changed the international fashion scene, bringing a radically distinct aesthetic to catwalks worldwide. You will be accompanied by a professional and knowledgeable fashionista who will talk about the visions and ideas of these acclaimed designers who still captivate the industry. You'll learn about Haute Couture and walk passed Antwerp’s largest historical or fashion themed landmarks. There will also be a stop at the Antwerp Diamond Pavilion. Antwerp’s ties to diamonds date back 550 years, and at the Diamond Pavilion you will learn more about its rich history and cultural influences.