Panoramic Seward & Alaska SeaLife Center

Combining a leisurely city overview with an independent exploration of the renowned Alaska SeaLife Center, this brief excursion showcases Seward’s best sights.

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Pre-reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommended. From your Crystal ship, walk to RIB base, where you will be briefed and fitted with your safety suitProperly equipped, launch your thrilling adventure honoring the age of the VikingsLegendary for their shipbuilding skills and explorer's spirit, the Vikings crossed many a treacherous sea during raids and missions, navigating their uniquely crafted vessels built for speed and agilityTheir journeys were often long and arduous, sometimes lasting for years at a time. Embrace the courage of the Vikings as you speed into one of Norway's most impressive fjords, the Lysefjord, or Fjord of LightsThis magnificent landscape with its blue waters and vertical mountain drops will surely inspire youIf you are lucky, you may spot a majestic eagle gliding through the air or seals lounging in the sun on a mountain ledge. Your Viking chieftain will take you as close as possible to the fjord's cliff walls and show you the Hengjane waterfall, which, according to Norse mythology, is the water of wisdomFill the horns of your Viking helmet to channel the bravery and tenacity of the Vikings of yoreReturn to shore with tales to tell of your journey into the lore of Norse seafarers.