Village Life & Times of War

For an immersion in the traditions of Papua New Guinea (PNG), experience the village of Bibiko, where you will learn about and join in the activities of the localsA stop at a once-active war canoe site and visit to the Milne Bay War Memorial provide perspectives on times of war in this now-peaceful paradise.

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Leaving the pier aboard a local bus, journey west into the heart of Huhu, home to the region's war canoes and center of the historical cannibalistic hinterlandEnjoy the scenery and pass a palm oil plantation as you make your way to the village of Bibiko, where during an informative visit you will learn how Western culture has been integrated into the traditional way of lifeSee first-hand how the locals go about their daily business and savor a true taste of the culture with samplings of such foods as taro, banana, cassava, yams and leafy green vegetables from traditional clay potsWhile at the village see a once active war canoe site to gain insights into why the canoe is so important to the history of the areaDramatically impacting not only PNG but the entire world was World War II, fought between the Allies and the Japanese on these very shoresAt the Milne Bay War Memorial, pause to hear about the Battle of Milne Bay and how it was waged on this narrow coastal corridorFrom here, you will return to the pier. This Crystal Adventures excursion MUST be pre-reserved.