Riverfront Tram Ride & Ribeira Quarter Walk

For a look at Portugal's past and present, we invite you to board a charming old tramway for a ride along the picturesque waterfront and enjoy a stroll through the medieval Ribeira Quarter.

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Pre-reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommended. A half-hour transfer by motor coach brings you to Passeio Alegre, a lovely garden that graces the point where the Douro River meets the Atlantic OceanHere you will board the tramway, which dates from the early 20 th century, for your memorable ride along the riverfrontTake in beautiful views of the river and discover old parts of town that provide a glimpse of a time when fishermen lived here and the locals took this tramway to the beach for a summer's day of relaxation and fun in the sun. The next part of your outing takes place in the medieval Porto-Ribeira QuarterA walk through the enchanting streets gives you an intimate look at this historic section of town, while a stop at a neighborhood tavern lets you savor refreshments and the Old-World atmosphere. Nibble on cheese and sample some wine before taking advantage of free time to wander this interesting area on your own, perhaps photographing the 19 th -century iron bridges off in the distance and viewing the traditional Rabelo boats, once used to transport casks of Port wine from the Douro Valley to the cellars in Gaia, docked at the old pier. En route to your Crystal ship, fascinating sights continue to unfold as you travel through the heart of the city, a panoramic drive that reveals how Porto managed to develop into a modern town while honoring the past. Pre-reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommended.