Exploring Murcia

Explore the city of Murcia, about an hour's drive southwest of Alicante in the Segura River valleySee the cathedral in the Plaza de Belluga and the Real Casino, two examples of the mélange of architectural styles here.

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Pre-reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommended. Board an air-conditioned motor coach at the pier and drive about an hour to the city of Murcia in Spain's fertile Segura River valley, blooming with lemon and orange groves and fields of vegetablesOriginally founded by the Moors in 825 AD, Murcia has seen its fair share of various ruling factions over time, and the result is an eclectic mix of architectural styles in city structures, from Islamic and Gothic to Renaissance and Baroque. Visit the cathedral in the Plaza de Belluga, one of Murcia's most photographed attractionsThe effect of various cultures and styles of the area is reflected on this building, as it took 300 years to completeNote the ornate west-facing Baroque façadeSee the Real Casino, another example of Murcia's complicated lineageWhat began as a gentleman's club in 1847 under the direction of different artists progressed into the 20 th century with modern influences represented as wellIn 1983, the building was named a national historical-artistic monument and remains an icon of Murcia. Enjoy some free time to browse the city squares, including the Plaza de Flores and Romea Square, before boarding the coach for the trip back to your Crystal ship. Pre-reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommended.