Dune Drive by 4x4 to Camel Rock

Explore the beautiful sand dunes at the majestic Camel Rock desert aboard a rugged off-road jeep.

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Experience the authentic United Arab Emirates landscape on this unique, exhilarating off-road desert journey At the pier, board an off-road jeep and head to the edge of the desertYour driver will pause to deflate the jeep tires; this improves the vehicle's traction in the sandTake off on a memorable drive through the Arabian DesertDrive past jagged rocks and glossy rose-colored sand dunesArrive at Fossil Rock and see fossils embedded in the prehistoric rock, dating back some 80 million yearsSee the peculiar rock formation propped upon the desert sand, called Camel Rock for its likeness to the ubiquitous camelHang on for a thrilling ride as your driver navigates the tall, undulating dunes.