Icelandic Scenes by 4x4

Those willing to board a four-wheel-drive vehicle and venture off the beaten track will be rewarded by the discovery of Iceland’s hidden jewels, including white-water rivers, spectacular canyon views and dramatic waterfalls.

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    All ages
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    Approximately 71/2 hours

Those who dare to venture off the beaten track often find obscure treasures which are hidden to those that follow the common route. Our 4x4 rigid Super Jeeps offer the opportunity to embark on such a journey.

Departing from Akureyri our Super Jeeps takes us first to Goðafoss “Waterfall of the Gods” one of Iceland’s most beautiful waterfall, here we will take our time to enjoy the waterfall and learn a little about its interesting history.

After that we will continue on to the magical Lake Mývatn. Once there we will experience some Off-Road drive to reach the old crater row Lúdentsborgir where we will explore and enjoy great view from the craters over Mývatn and the surrounding area*, before enjoying a 2-course lunch at a local restaurant. At Lake Mývatn we will enjoy carefully selected attractions and sceneries.

As our journey continues, we travel through remote heaths and valleys until we reach Bárðardalur valley, where Skjálfandafljót River – a white glacial river originating from Vatnajökull glacier, (the largest ice cap in Iceland) runs down the valley. It runs across the highlands, carving out magnificent riverbeds on its way. Situated at the edge of the Highlands we find the breath taking Aldeyjarfoss waterfall, where white water cascades from a high cliff into a ravine lined with black basalt columns.

From the waterfall we’ll drive down the valley and towards Akureyri, the last part of our journey together takes us through a birch and flowered covered forest named Vaglaskógur. Here we’ll take a brief photo stop by an old bridge and enjoy the sounds of birds singing and leaves rustling if wanted.

Important Notes:
As this excursion is conducted by 4x4 vehicles that will travel over sometimes rough and bumpy roads, it is not recommended for guests with back or neck problems, as well as women who are pregnant. It is recommended that guests dress in warm, layered clothing and wear flat, comfortable shoes. The order of sights visited may vary. A minimum number of booking is required for this excursion to operate. Pre-Reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommended.