Maina Sandbar & Snorkel Experience

Snorkel some of the most exquisite waters in the world, feed schools of fish, see giant clams and, depending on the season, observe the rare, single-red-feathered bird that comes here to nest as you join this excursion to the sandbar near the island of Maina, located on the southwestern edge of the lagoon.

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Following a boat ride of about 15 minutes, arrive at the Maina Sandbar, also known as Honeymoon Island for the marriage of a Canadian couple who selected this idyllic spot for their nuptials.

No doubt, you will fall in love with this idyllic setting, with its beautiful sands and breathtaking, transparent-blue waters. Birders will relish the chance (depending on the season and timing of the birds’ presence) to discover the nesting grounds of the rare, red-tailed bird that comes here annually to lay its eggs.

Of course, the lagoon is famous for snorkeling. Experienced and beginning snorkelers alike are invited to explore the atoll’s mesmerizing undersea world. Those who wish to simply wade and splash will find the two- to three-foot-deep, crystal-clear waters near the sandbar ideal. Going a bit farther out, you will encounter waters that are about 10 feet deep. Keep an eye out for schools of fish, which you will have the chance to feed by hand, and see giant clams up close.

Your wondrous outing drawing to a close, take the return boat cruise to the embarkation point of your excursion.

Important Notes:

As snorkeling equipment is not provided by the operator, guests must bring their own gear (mask, snorkel, fins and swim vest) and wear protective footwear, such as aqua socks. Guests who wish to snorkel should be familiar with wearing snorkel equipment and able to swim comfortably in currents, which may occasionally be present. If water conditions at your scheduled snorkeling site are prohibitive, an alternate site will be substituted. Alcoholic drinks should not be consumed prior to taking part in any water activities. Wildlife sightings are not guaranteed. Pre-reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommended.