Pierre Marques Beach Getaway

Surrender to the luxury and ambience of one of Acapulco’s top resorts, the Fairmont Pierre MarquesFrom leisurely sunbathing to a delectable buffet lunch to strolling the seemingly endless stretch of beach, this five-star hotel is your intimate home for a fabulous day of rest and relaxation.

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Pre-reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommendedFrom the pier, you will travel aboard a comfortable motor coach through the main avenue as well as the scenic highway en route to your destinationA unique photo opportunity unfolds at Acapulco Bay's vantage point inside the acclaimed Linda Vista RestaurantAs you continue along the scenic highway through Puerto Marques Bay and the Black Lagoon, where the first Tarzan movie was filmed, you soon arrive at the legendary Fairmont Pierre Marques HotelThe soaring mountains of the Sierra Madre provide a stunning natural backdrop to the crystal blue Pacific Ocean, perfectly anchoring the splendid tropical paradise of The Fairmont Pierre MarquesToday, the choice is yours: sunbathe, swim or stroll along one of Acapulco's famously exquisite beaches, or do all of the above! A delicious buffet lunch is provided after lounging on the beach or by the poolAfter a few hours, your escape spent in this lovely hotel comes to an end, and you will travel back to the paradise of your beautiful Crystal ship. Pre-reservation of this Crystal Adventures excursion is recommended.