Exploration of the Arabian Desert

Al Khatim Desert, 4WD vehicle ride over dunes and lunch.

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The Arabian Desert – so vast, so mysterious, so starkYet right at your doorstep when you disembark in Abu DhabiCome explore the Arabian Desert on a unique, thrilling adventure, aboard a rugged four-wheel-drive vehicleThis Arabian joy ride is sure to entertainFrom the port in Abu Dhabi, you will board your four-wheel-drive vehicle and set out toward the Al Khatim DesertThe study in contrasts is striking once you leave the gleaming high-rises and skyscrapers of the bustling city and proceed to the silent, barren desertAfter about an hour’s drive to the edge of the dunes, you will stop and your guides will deflate the tires, a necessary step to take to facilitate driving in the sandNow it’s time to hold on! Rising impressively and unannounced, some of these dunes can reach heights of 1,000 feetYour experienced drivers know these dunes well and are only too eager to introduce you to their undulating peaks and valleysThe guides make it look easy but you will come to appreciate their deft skill at not only driving but also navigation – especially around the myriad dunes that look so alike, shifting and changing with the windMidday, stop for lunch, surrounded by the tranquil sands of ArabiaA brief afternoon ride will have you dipping and rising through the dunes once more, before heading out of the desert, inflating the tires and making the trek back to Abu Dhabi and your Crystal ship