Abu Dhabi City Highlights

Grand Mosque, Al Hisn Fort, Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, Heritage Village, Fish Market and Corniche.

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    All ages
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    Approximately 4 hours

Meet Abu Dhabi, the cosmopolitan gem in the royal crown of the United Arab Emirates, on today’s introductory excursion. Abu Dhabi’s explosive growth and prosperity are a far cry from its humble beginnings back in 1761, when it was named for a breed of gazelle by the Bani Yas tribe.

After boarding a motor coach at the pier, your first stop is the iconic Grand Mosque, one of the largest in all of the UAE. Originally used as a school back in the early 1900s, multiple domes and soaring minarets make this one of Abu Dhabi’s most familiar landmarks.

You will see the ancient but renovated Al Hisn Fort, formerly home to Sheikh Zayed, beloved founding father of today’s United Arab Emirates. The modern building housing the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation features classic Islamic influences: arched white colonnades, cool courtyards and restful gardens. This cultural heartbeat of the city showcases weekly art exhibitions in its library, theatre and lecture halls.

Step back in time at Heritage Village, which was inspired by the Bedouin community. The small museum here pays homage to a lifestyle gone by, depicting the daily activities of the Arab community before the discovery of oil. Enjoy a brief photo stop at the fish market and pier, where many boats bring in their daily catch.

Finally, you will drive along the scenic Corniche, a broad, strand-like expanse of sidewalk lined with parks and beautiful views of downtown. Dubbed “Manhattan of the Gulf,” the glazed skyscrapers, gleaming white mosques and elegant high-rise apartment buildings reflect Abu Dhabi’s rising status as a world-class resort.


Important Notes: Guests should dress conservatively for their visit to Abu Dhabi. Please do not wear shorts or sleeveless shirts. The order of sights visited may vary to avoid congestion.