Personal Select Air

  • What is the Personal Select Air/Sea Program?
    Applicable on all Crystal voyages, Crystal’s Personal Select Air/Sea Program allows guests to select their flights, class of service and date of travel from a choice of multiple itinerary options or in consultation with our experienced Guest Air Services Concierge. Guests may indicate their preference for Personal Select Air/Sea at time of booking or at any time prior to sailing.

    Personal Select Air/Sea Program rates are based on the selected itinerary and include transfers between the airport and pier on embarkation/disembarkation dates. Guests participating in Crystal’s Personal Select Air/Sea Program also have the assurance of Crystal’s support in the event of unanticipated airline or cruise schedule changes or delays that may impact their air travel plans.
  • How does the Personal Select Air/Sea Program work?
    Guests may specify their intention to book our Personal Select Air/Sea Program at time of booking. Once the cruise booking is confirmed and within 10 months of the sailing date, the your preferred Travel Adviser will have access to the Air/Sea flight booking engine to search for itineraries and fares. They can then book the selected itinerary directly online. Bookings made within 10 months of sailing will have immediate access.
  • Why can’t the flights be booked more than 10 months prior to departure?
    Airlines publish their schedules approximately 11 months prior to flight departure. The Crystal Personal Select Air Program will be available at approximately 10 months prior to sailing giving us time to verify that Air/Sea fares have been filed and that airline seats are open for sale.
  • Which airports are available under the Personal Select Air program?
    Travel must originate from a United States or Canadian airport served by an airline carrier that has a contract with Crystal Cruises. This includes all the major gateways we currently have in our Air/Sea gateway program plus additional smaller airports such as Santa Barbara, Long Beach, Eugene and Jackson Hole. Your travel agent will have access to the most up-to-date gateway cities/airport list via the Crystal Cruises Reservations system.
  • How is access to the Air/Sea booking engine obtained?
    Travel Advisers will be emailed a link for online access when flights are made available 10 months prior to sailing. Crystal Cruises’ Reservations and Air Department will also have access to the system.
  • Is Crystal Cruises still offering a guaranteed Air/Sea rate at time of booking?
    No. We are not offering the option of a pre-set guaranteed rate on sailings. Guests will have the benefit of being confirmed on the best schedules and fares available at the time the flight is booked/confirmed.
  • If I book an itinerary well in advance, will you remind me to book the air travel portion when flights are available for sale?
    Yes. An e-mail reminder will be sent to your travel adviser so he or she can coordinate your air arrangements.
  • When do I pay for the flights?
    Once an air itinerary is selected and confirmed, payment for the air portion of the trip must be received by Crystal within 24 hours. The air ticket will be issued the next business day once payment is received. Air tickets may be reissued or refunded less fees assessed by the air carriers and cruise line per the program terms as noted below. The remainder of funds associated with the cruise booking are subject to normal deposit, payment and cancellation policies.
  • Why do I have to pay now?
    In order for a quoted fare to be guaranteed, the ticket must be issued within the time frame designated in the fare rules.
  • Does Crystal still offer a Custom Air option?
    Yes. If a guest has a complicated routing or prefers a route other than those offered in our standard selection, our Air/Sea Concierge will customize an air itinerary. Guests can arrive in the port city a day earlier or spend additional days after the cruise.

    Custom Air also offers the opportunity to upgrade the class of service, stop in a city en route to the ship, leave and return to different cities, or pay for a one-way itinerary.  A non-refundable service fee of USD $100 per person will apply. The Air/Sea cost will depend on the air routing that is selected. All requests are subject to flight availability. Note that any date deviations (flight arrival/departure on dates other than embarkation/disembarkation) forfeit the inclusive transfers. Private transfers may be requested for an additional fee.
  • How are airline service requests handled?
    Airline seat assignments, special meal requests, special service requests such as wheelchair assistance, and the addition of frequent flyer account numbers to records must be arranged directly with the air carriers by guests or their preferred Travel Adviser.

    We strongly recommend visiting the airline website or calling the airline immediately at the time the itinerary is confirmed. Accrual of frequent flyer miles may be restricted when using Air/Sea fares. We recommend that travelers also provide the air carriers with a phone contact, e-mail address, and/or text number that can be used for notification in the event of a flight delay, boarding gate change or other unexpected event.
  • What if the airline schedule requires an overnight at the port city or a long layover?
    In the event that adequate air service from the preferred airport is not available at the time the itinerary is booked, the guest has the option of selecting an alternate gateway, choosing to overnight en route at his or her own expense, or booking alternative flights directly with the airlines.

    If the guest chooses Crystal’s Personal Select Air/Sea Program and, due to a lack of same-day air itineraries, opts to overnight on the embarkation or disembarkation date in the port city, Crystal will assist in securing hotel accommodations and arranging for transfers between the airport and hotel, and the hotel and the pier.

    If the time between flight arrival/departure time and the embarkation/disembarkation time is more than 6 hours, guests may want to consider purchasing a day room or overnight hotel room for their comfort. Guests are responsible for the hotel costs, all meals and other items of a personal nature.
  • What happens if I cancel my cruise?
    Air tickets may be reissued and/or cancelled less fees assessed by the airline(s) and Crystal Cruises per the program terms. Fees, ranging from USD $300 - $1,300 per person based on the air carrier and the cabin service, will be deducted from the refund of the air ticket(s).

    Cruise Protection cancellation coverage does not apply to air tickets unless the Crystal Cruises Protection Plan is purchased when the air ticket payment is made. By purchasing Cruise Protection at time of air ticketing, the guest is also covered for medical conditions that may arise after that date and may otherwise be considered preexisting.