​Transfers & Luggage


Transfers between the airport and yacht are available in ports on days of embarkation and disembarkation only at the beginning and end of each published itinerary for guests sailing on full-cruise voyages onlyGuests participating in a Crystal Pre- or Post-Cruise Hotel or Extended Land Program are entitled to transfers between airport, hotel and yacht, or vice versa, according to itinerary.

If you choose to arrange for air travel independently, you may arrange for complimentary transfers on embarkation and disembarkation days (airport-to-yacht / yacht-to-airport) through Crystal. Transfer requests should be arranged through your Travel Agent or a Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises representative at least 14-days prior to sailing.


We recommend that you do not lock your luggage due to the Transportation Security Administration’s policy of screening all baggage. However, please be sure to lock your luggage using TSA-approved locks when in transit between airport and yacht.

Yacht and airline safety requirements prohibit the transportation of dangerous goods such as explosives, weapons, ammunition, mace, pepper spray, hazardous material, martial arts devices, swords or similar items that may be considered a security risk.

As domestic luggage allowances may have changed since you last traveled, we recommend that you request your airline or travel professional to provide you with details and recommendations on locks as well as, checked and carry-on luggage.


Guests must personally carry baggage containing breakable items and valuables, including but not limited to jewelry, watches, money, precious stones and metals, securities, checks, other financial instruments, and/or tickets, at all times during transit, including but not limited to on and off the yacht. Guests should not give such baggage containing breakable items or valuables to any one at any time, including but not limited to porters, yacht personnel or anyone else who is not known personally to the guest, regardless of any assurances given to the guest that it is safe to do so, at any time, including but not limited to during transit to and from the airport, arrival at the yacht, boarding and checking into guest’s suite, or at any other time while traveling. Valuable are the full and sole personal responsibility of the guest at all times, and may not be included with checked baggage. Guests are personally responsible for their baggage throughout the travel process and should personally ensure that their valuables are carried to their staterooms and stored appropriately in the suite safe. Crystal Yacht Cruises is not responsible for loss of or damage to any such items.

Luggage Concierge

Getting to and from your yacht can be as luxurious and carefree as your Crystal yacht vacation itself. Imagine no more lifting or carrying heavy bags and golf clubs. No more baggage check-­in lines or baggage claims at the airport. No more waiting to collect your bags after the voyage.

With Luggage Concierge™ you travel baggage free and stress-free. Your bags will be picked up from your home and delivered to the yacht in time for departure. Following the voyage, your luggage will be returned to your home so you can keep that relaxed feeling you achieved on board.

Luggage Concierge’s service includes 24-hour customer care specialists who track every bag, every step of the way. Plus, Luggage Concierge will automatically insure your bags up to $5,000 (for both domestic and international flights). Additional insurance is also available.

For more information or to arrange Luggage Concierge™ service for your upcoming Crystal Yacht cruise, contact our Crystal Cruises dedicated Luggage Concierge™ team at 1-877-231-6408. Or register online at luggageconcierge.com and be sure to mention the code “Crystal Cruises— to receive a discount.

Luggage Tips for Crystal Cruises Guests:

• Place personal identification tags on your luggage showing your name, address and phone number printed clearly.
• Do not lock your luggage. Be aware that unaccompanied luggage may be subject to inspection by customs officials, airline personnel or transportation officials in various countries. When sending unaccompanied luggage to or from the U.S., we recommend that you do not send medicines, valuables (money, jewelry, important documents, etc.), hazardous materials (items such as perfumes, aerosol cans and polish remover are considered hazardous), film, weapons, liquor, x-rayed materials or items subject to duty purchased outside the U.S. Luggage Concierge services follow all FAA and TSA regulations.

Luggage Concierge Terms & Conditions

Luggage bookings must be arranged before 5:00 pm (EST), ten business days before embarkation. All luggage bookings are automatically insured for up to $5,000. Additional insurance is also available. Suitcases or packages can weigh up to 75 pounds each for international service and up to 150 pounds each for domestic service. (Dimensional weight may apply.) For international services, we also require a copy of your passport photo page, a copy of your air and cruise tickets, and a list of your bags’ contents. All Crystal Society members will receive a 25% discount for a Crystal cruise-related shipment and a 10% discount on non-cruise-related leisure travel, as long as you mention "Crystal Society" when making arrangements with Luggage Concierge.

Additional terms and conditions are available at luggageconcierge.com