Round-trip Miami (Full World Cruise) on Crystal Serenity
DATES : January 14 - May 4, 2015 (108 Days)  CRUISE-ONLY FARES FROM : $43,445 Per Person


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Your Cruise-Only Fare includes all beverages including fine wines, champagne, premium spirits and all non-alcoholic beverages such as bottled water, soft drinks and specialty coffees; gratuities for housekeeping, dining and bar staff; complimentary evening of specialty restaurant dining in Prego and at least once in Silk Road or The Sushi Bar (additional reservations or visits available for a modest fee.)Ϯ; 24-hour room service; personal Penthouse Butler service, enrichment workshop classes and much more.

Fares listed below are cruise-only, per person based on double occupancy.
Deluxe Staterooms

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(C3) Deck 7
Brochure Fare$86,890
2-for-1 Fare Per Person$43,445
Crystal Society Saves$860
New-to-Crystal Guest Saves$690
(C2) Deck 7
Brochure Fare$90,590
2-for-1 Fare Per Person$45,295
Crystal Society Saves$910
New-to-Crystal Guest Saves$730
(C1) Deck 7
Brochure Fare$97,790
2-for-1 Fare Per Person$48,895
Crystal Society Saves$1,000
New-to-Crystal Guest Saves$800
Deluxe Staterooms
With Verandah

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(B3) Deck 8
Brochure Fare$110,870
2-for-1 Fare Per Person$55,435
Crystal Society Saves$1,160
New-to-Crystal Guest Saves$930
(B2) Deck 8
Brochure Fare$113,920
2-for-1 Fare Per Person$56,960
Crystal Society Saves$1,200
New-to-Crystal Guest Saves$960
(B1) Deck 8
Brochure Fare$117,410
2-for-1 Fare Per Person$58,705
Crystal Society Saves$1,240
New-to-Crystal Guest Saves$990
(A2) Deck 9
Brochure Fare$119,590
2-for-1 Fare Per Person$59,795
Crystal Society Saves$1,270
New-to-Crystal Guest Saves$1,020
(A1) Deck 9
Brochure Fare$121,110
2-for-1 Fare Per Person$60,555
Crystal Society Saves$1,290
New-to-Crystal Guest Saves$1,030
(P2) Deck 10
Brochure Fare$122,640
2-for-1 Fare Per Person$61,320
Crystal Society Saves$1,310
New-to-Crystal Guest Saves$1,050
(P1) Deck 10
Brochure Fare$123,950
2-for-1 Fare Per Person$61,975
Crystal Society Saves$1,320
New-to-Crystal Guest Saves$1,060
With Verandah

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(PH) Deck 11, Deck 10
Brochure Fare$171,910
2-for-1 Fare Per Person$85,955
Crystal Society Saves$1,920
New-to-Crystal Guest Saves$1,540
Penthouse Suite
With Verandah

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(PS) Deck 11
Brochure Fare$224,010
2-for-1 Fare Per Person$112,005
Crystal Society Saves$2,580
New-to-Crystal Guest Saves$2,060
Crystal Penthouse
With Verandah

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(CP) Deck 11
Brochure Fare$430,240
2-for-1 Fare Per Person$215,120
Crystal Society Saves$5,150
New-to-Crystal Guest Saves$4,120
Terms & Conditions
Cruise-Only Fares are per person in U.S. dollars, double occupancy and do not include cruise port, security and handling charges of $2275. 2-for-1 Fares are per person based on 50% of brochure fares. Optional Personal Select Air/Sea Program is available to purchase for full-fare, full-cruise guests whose travel originates from a U.S. or Canadian airport, and include all government fees and taxes. Call Crystal Cruises’ Air Department for details. Solo Traveler Fares are available upon request. Crystal Society savings are per person based on double occupancy. Crystal Cruises offers each guest the opportunity to dine at least once on a complimentary basis in Prego and at least once in Silk Road or the Sushi Bar (Sushi Bar is not available for pre-reservation via PCPC and is available on a first-come, first-served basis).  Additional reservations including "walk-in" visits are subject to a $30 per person fee, subject to availability. All offers may not be combinable with other promotions, apply to first two full-fare guests in stateroom or suite, are capacity-controlled, subject to availability and may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice.

For Cruise Fare and Promotional Information click here. For General Ticket Terms and Conditions, click here. Crystal Cruises reserves the right to correct errors or omissions and to change any and all fares, fees, promotions and programs at any time with or without notice.
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