Travel Essentials

To ensure that your travels with us are as comfortable as possible, we recommend you include the following items in your packing: supportive, comfortable walking shoes; sunglasses, hat and sunscreen; umbrella, lightweight raincoat and/or outerwear gear appropriate for to seasonally changing weather.

It is also wise to bring copies of important medical and personal information including any prescription medicines you are taking; your personal passport/s; and credit cards you are bringing on your travels. You may also wish to bring an extra pair of prescription eyeglasses, too. Please be sure to pack these papers and any personal items of value in your carry-on luggage and not in your checked baggage. Be sure all of your baggage, both carry-on and checked, has clearly labeled identification tags with your address and contact information on both the inside and outside of each piece of luggage. Please also remember to double-check with your air carrier for any specifics regarding carry-on and checked baggage regulations.