Business & Communications

Stay connected with friends, family and business associates as you travel the world.

Our ships feature the most technologically advanced communication systems at sea, including our innovative Computer University@Sea, a program that set the cruise industry standard for guest communication and technology.

Business Services

Conference and meeting facilities are available on board. Secretarial and copying services are available upon request for a nominal charge, as are private e-mail and Internet access through our Computer Univeristy@Sea.

Computer University@Sea Facilities

Our popular Computer University@Sea program is offered on all cruises. CU@Sea provides e-mail services, Internet access, group and individual instruction on use of a PC, extensive enrichment course offerings and digital camera support.  Complimentary classes allow you to master new technologies with Mac OS or Windows on 27" Apple computers, and each ship has at least 25 state-of-the-art workstations. Details on CU@Sea programs, classes and hours are listed in the onboard daily newsletter Reflections. There is a nominal setup fee when you begin to use any CU@Sea services involving off-ship communication. Fees apply for e-mail sent and received on board, as well as Internet access.
Digital Cameras
There are media readers for most standard camera memory cards. You may also consolidate your media card photos on complimentary server space for CD burning; charges apply for burning CDs.
E-mail Services
A unique e-mail address for each guest is printed on your cruise ticket. The private e-mail system supports sending and receiving e-mail messages under 1MB. Messages are sent and received instantaneously, subject to the stability of satellite communications.[*] There is a charge for the first 100KB of each inbound and outbound e-mail, plus a supplemental charge for all additional outbound e-mail ("cc") addresses, and for messages greater than 100KB. The current schedule of charges is available on board.
Home & Business E-mail Access
If your home or business e-mail provider has web access to your e-mail, you will be able to access it from the ship via the Internet. If you are not sure, please contact your e-mail provider prior to your cruise. The current schedule of charges is available on board.
Wi-Fi Service and Internet Access
Crystal Cruises is pleased to provide both Wi-Fi service and satellite Internet access for our guests. All on board Internet traffic travels from the ship to a satellite before returning back to earth to load web pages. While at sea, there is no local high speed Internet provider such as you would have at home. Satellite communication is the only way to “plug-in” and access the Internet. We are pleased to offer all the Internet comforts of home, and hope you understand that it takes a little extra time as web pages travel the extra miles for you.

Internet access plan packages: Minutes are available throughout the entire trip and are based on actual Internet usage. You may select any one of the following plans that best suits your needs during your cruise:

• Plan A: “Pay as You Go” access for $0.74/minute
• Plan B: 2 hours of access for $55 ($0.46/minute)
• Plan C: 5 hours of access for $127 ($0.43/minute)
• Plan D: 10 hours of access for $220 ($0.37/minute)

(Internet rates and/or packages are subject to change at any time.)

Free Internet/Wi-Fi service for Crystal Society Members: Beginning Fall 2014, on Crystal Serenity voyage 4323 (September 19, 2014) and Crystal Symphony voyage 4224 (October 15, 2014), Crystal Society members (full-fare Crystal guests traveling on their 2nd cruise and future or subsequent cruises thereafter) will receive free Internet/Wi-Fi service for the duration of their cruise!  Free internet/wi-fi service amenity (up to 60 minutes, per guest, per day i.e. 10-day voyage = 600 minutes per guest or 1,200 minutes per double occupancy stateroom) is exclusively available to Crystal Society members only. Additional minutes, over the total per guest, per day allotment, are available for purchase as noted above. Free Internet/Wi-Fi service is combinable with Suite Amenity Program.

Note: Please be advised that the detailed description of our Wi-Fi Program as published in the original printing of our 2014/2015/2016 Cruise Fare & Itinerary Guide is a part of our Exclusive Crystal Society Savings (on page 52) and was inadvertently placed on the following page (53). Therefore this program does not appear to be a part of the exclusive society savings which it, in fact is. We have amended the online version of our Fare & Itinerary Guide to be correct and will also correct and re-clarify the program details upon our next publish date of November, 2014.
Laptop Rentals
Rental PC laptops are available for your use on board for a nominal daily charge. From these specially configured computers you can access the Internet as well as your shipboard e-mail from your stateroom. The current schedule of charges is available on board.

Private Computer Lessons

Some private lesson times are available. You can arrange for these after you arrive on the ship. Fees apply.

Using Your Own Laptop on Board

There are several ways you might use your own laptop/tablet:
  • You can create e-mail messages and transfer them to a Computer University@Sea workstation via USB flash drive.
  • You can practice your computer lesson at leisure.
  • We can configure your PC or Macintosh laptop for Internet access from your stateroom. Current Internet access charges apply; the current schedule of charges is available on board.

Please note: It is not possible to connect a laptop through the shipboard phone system directly to any phone number ashore. Skype, iChat, Facetime and other similar services are not available on board.

iPad Usage

Crystal Cruses supports the use of iPads on board. To ensure you can use your iPad, please update your iPad with the latest software, version 6.1.4, available from Apple prior to embarkation.


From traditional mail services in various ports of call, to state-of-the-art communications technology, staying connected to your friends and family around the world is easier than ever.
Included in your travel documents is a Communications brochure that lists the addresses of the embarkation and disembarkation ports where mail can be forwarded or delivered to you on board. Postage and mailing services are available on board. Be sure to allow sufficient time for delivery to distant destinations.
Crystal ships are equipped with a sophisticated telephone system that allows you to make direct-dial satellite[*] phone calls from your stateroom. The ship telephone number is included in your travel documents before sailing.

Calls are billed to your shipboard account or a major credit card. However, please be aware that the $2.50[*] per minute cost to use this satellite system is significantly higher than a normal shoreside call. You may also wish to use pay phones located in various ports of call.

* Satellite Reception
All electronic communication to and from the ship is via satellite. Interruptions in satellite reception can occur at any time without notice. While we regret this, and apologize for any inconvenience it may cause, Crystal Cruises cannot guarantee that communication connections for telephone, television, Internet, e-mail or fax will be available at all times in all areas of the world.

  • Rates are subject to change without notice. Connection depends on satellite availability and cannot be guaranteed.
Wireless Maritime Services™
Through an agreement with Wireless Maritime Services™ (WMS) Crystal Cruises lets you take advantage of your wireless devices while at sea. Using your own mobile phone and telephone number, you can make and receive calls to and from fellow travelers who are on the ship, and friends and family who are far away on land. If you currently have the service through your home provider, you can also send and receive text messages. Other available wireless services include use of PDAs, such as your Blackberry®.

Charges for using the WMS system will appear as roaming charges on the regular monthly bill of your service provider. Contact your mobile home service provider for more information about rates, additional fees and taxes. While you do not need to do anything special to connect, you must have authorized service for international dialing through your home provider. To determine if you will be able to access SeaMobile, please contact your home service provider. 

To view our Wireless Maritime Services™ Frequently Asked Questions visit our Support section.
Crystal Cruises offers a 24-hour private e-mail system through our Computer University@Sea. Your personal e-mail address is included on your cruise ticket. Details are provided with cruise documents or you may contact your travel agent for more information. Fees apply; see “Computer University@Sea: E-mail Services” for more details.
Facsimile services are available at the Reception Desk. Fees apply.
Internet Access