• With the debut of the 62-passenger Crystal Esprit, our past guests will notice two significant departures from what we provide aboard our larger ships. First is the size of the vessel. Crystal Esprit is sleek and nimble, with a shallow draft of less than ten feet. 
    This leads us to the second important difference: with the new yacht-size Crystal Esprit, Crystal is able to offer its guests an entirely new array of world-class destinations that cannot easily be accessed with a large ship or other means of luxury travel. This allows her to visit exclusive yacht marinas, hidden coves away from the crowds, and secluded islands where docking infrastructure – so critical for big ships – simply doesn’t exist. But one thing that won’t change is our commitment to the highest level of award-winning service and onboard comfort for our guests.
  • Several things. Small ship travel is one of the fastest-growing segments of the cruise industry. While small ships have been around for a while – riverboats, expedition vessels, coastal vessels – the demand for more luxurious and high-quality accommodations aboard these smaller vessels has grown even faster in recent years. Guests simply want better accommodations and dining. Our goal with Crystal Yacht Cruises is to leverage our award-winning stature in the luxury cruise category into this growing small ship market segment. 

    In addition, the incredible demand for our 2016 Northwest Passage program was a revelation, and has inspired us to offer even more unusual destinations – places where a small nimble ship like the Crystal Esprit will be ideally suited. Think of the Adriatic, Venice and the islands along the Croatian coastline, and tropical West Indies, to name a few. 
  • Great things come in small packages! Once you look closely at the new Crystal yacht, you’ll see that the number of onboard staff, variety of restaurants and lounges and other services have an excellent to-passenger ratio, considering that the Crystal Esprit carries just 62 pampered guests. Officers, crew and staff for Crystal Esprit will be handpicked – the best of the best. Think of a private yacht, and the high level of personal service and attention to detail that is expected. That’s what you’ll find remarkable about Crystal Esprit. Passengers in all suites aboard the yacht will enjoy butler service, a hallmark of the Crystal Experience.
  • The ambiance aboard Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises is one of relaxed sophistication, and our suggested dress code falls into that realm as well. You’ll want to pack a balance of Crystal Yacht Casual yacht/resort wear for daytime use, including tasteful swimming attire and shorts; an elevated fashionably chic style appropriate for evenings; and comfortable clothes for adventures ashore.
  • Unfortunately, the shallow draft and yacht-like size of the vessel – which permit her to access places not possible with a larger ship – do not allow for an elevator. For this reason, guests requiring the use of wheelchairs will not find the yacht suitable for their travel. Guests should be ambulatory to take full advantage of the array of activities and equipment that Crystal Esprit offers.
  • Yes, there is a small but well-equipped gym aboard Crystal Esprit, but there is much more. 

    One of our primary objectives for Crystal Esprit is to take full advantage of her size and maneuverability, in order to provide our guests with many more great options for physical activity than we can offer aboard our larger ships. 

    Your yacht also features a versatile marina & water sports platform at the stern. From here, enjoy swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear waters; kayaking or wake boarding; jet skiing and other activities. All these activities feature great, high-end equipment and expertly guided instruction. In select ports, bicycles will be available that can be taken ashore in delightful locales, and you’ll have access and suggestions for hiking in nature reserves and along spectacular beaches known for their secluded beauty. The ship is docked or anchored close to shore on a daily basis, so there will be many opportunities to easily go ashore for walking, jogging or other invigorating activities. 

    In many of the places we visit with Crystal Esprit, you’ll have a choice of two complimentary Crystal Adventures® – Cultural Adventures and Soft/Extreme Adventures, depending on the port. Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruising is all about the destination and immersing oneself in a way that is enriching, enlightening and actively engaging.
  • This is one of the big advantages of traveling aboard a yacht-size vessel like Crystal Esprit – we aren’t limited to tying up at commercial ports and docks as are large cruise ships, or using large tender craft. More often than not, we’ll dock or anchor in yacht marinas or along the seawall in the center of a historic town or resort village. You’ll usually have the ability to get ashore quickly and easily to pursue your own interests, and come and go as you please. In other places, we’ll use Zodiac landing craft to quickly whisk passengers ashore in beautiful spots where docks and piers do not exist.
  • Zodiacs are exceptionally safe and sturdy, and are used worldwide in both polar and tropical regions for passenger and scientific expedition cruising. They are easy to step into and out of from Crystal Esprit’s water sports marina, and crew are always on hand to assist. They’ll also allow us to visit fantastic beaches or islands that are out of reach of larger ships; they’re part of what luxury yacht cruising is all about!
  • The same attention to detail in shore excursions will be readily apparent to guests aboard Crystal Esprit. Two types of complimentary Crystal Adventures will be offered in most locales: Cultural Adventures and Soft/Extreme Adventures, depending on the port. Because of the small number of guests participating, we have a unique opportunity to make these shore adventures even more unique than traditional shore excursions. The smaller number of participants translates into more attentive service and face time with guides and experts. Optional Crystal Adventure shore excursions will also be available if you choose. 

    Onboard, our Destination Leader will assist you to make choices and selections that best fit your dreams and wishes. In some places, we’ll also have local specialists and cultural historians come aboard for presentations and informal talks on regional topics of interest. Crystal yachts are scaled to allow optimum cultural engagement with the destination, creating a real sense of place for its guests.
  • In addition to a choice of complimentary and optional Crystal Adventures shore excursions, we also have some specialized equipment aboard that extends the reach of Crystal Esprit in some destinations even beyond its extraordinary abilities as a small, highly maneuverable yacht. For example, Crystal Esprit will carry a high-tech, state-of-the-art deep-sea submersible for plunges into the depths of the seas where we sail (at additional cost). Imagine viewing old shipwrecks in the Adriatic from the safety and comfort of our C-Quester sub. It accommodates two passengers in addition to the fully certified and trained pilot. 

  • Most of the suites aboard Crystal Esprit are a spacious 280 square feet, larger than most of the deluxe staterooms aboard Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity. And the 515-square-foot Owner’s Suite aboard Crystal Esprit ranks size-wise with many of the Penthouse Suites aboard our larger ships. And just as the staterooms are comfortably furnished and beautifully appointed aboard our larger vessels, you’ll enjoy the same high level of accommodation on Crystal Esprit.
  • When you step aboard Crystal Esprit, you’ll immediately notice the club-like atmosphere, the sense of immediacy and familiarity that is not readily apparent on larger ships. Also, the public areas as well as the suites are surprisingly spacious, light-filled and airy for a vessel of its size – no cramped quarters aboard this elegant and tastefully furnished vessel. This extends to the refined level of service and exemplary staff you’ll find aboard. 

    Taking service to a new level, the officers and staff are dedicated to fully engaging their guests in the Crystal Yacht Experience. They’re more than just officers and crew – they’ve been carefully selected and trained for Crystal Esprit. They provide the highest level of service, but one that is tempered with a friendly, welcoming attitude. This creates just the right sense of informality that is expected and desirable aboard a yacht like Crystal Esprit. 
  • Any minor under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21. Children under the age of 6 years are welcome aboard Crystal Esprit; however, there are no on board programs for children and supervised care is not available. Children under 6 years of age are not allowed on board the Zodiac crafts and will not be able to participate in any activities or excursions that involve the use of a Zodiac. It is important to note that the yacht remains at anchor in all ports of call for the British West Indies and British Virgin Island itineraries.

    Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises is unable to accommodate children less than 6 months of age as Crystal Esprit’s medical facilities are not designed to provide services to infants.
  • Because of the limited size of the vessel and desire to maximize space for suites and public areas, the yacht does not offer any onboard shops or boutiques. On some itineraries, your Crystal yacht will dock or anchor in close proximity to historic districts, resort areas and yacht harbors, enabling you to easily wander ashore to purchase sundries, local items, crafts and memorable gifts, jewelry or accessories.
  • Dining hours for each restaurant will be made available on each voyage. Crystal Esprit is an “open dining"  yacht.