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Rolling green glens and idyllic lochs, Stone Age monoliths and medieval castles, and an undeniably welcoming hospitality.

Date Port Arrival Departure
Aug 26, Monday
Dublin, Ireland »   6 pm
The Irish capital, Dublin, enjoys one of the loveliest settings in Europe. Craggy Howth Head shelters the natural harbor at Dublin Bay and the gurgling River Liffey flows through the center of town. The ancient Egyptians, as well as Norman and Viking warriors, visited Dublin. However, the city's most pervasive surviving influences come from the 18th and 19th centuries when elegant Georgian mansions were first built along the river and then outward from its shores. The arts also flourished during this period and Dublin served as the birthplace of some of our greatest literary figures such as Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and James Joyce to name only a few.
Aug 27, Tuesday
Belfast, United Kingdom » 8 am 6 pm

Having the gift of understatement and optimism, the Irish call their decades-long civil strife "the Troubles." Happily, the Troubles have settled down, making enjoyable visits to Northern Ireland, most notably Belfast, no trouble at all.

Merely a village in the 17th century, Belfast grew by leaps and bounds during the Industrial Revolution. The manufacture of linen and ships (Belfast has the world's largest dry dock) brought not only prosperity to the city, but beauty. Ornate Victorian homes and grand Edwardian civic buildings line the streets. The city also has many quaint lanes populated by pubs and boutiques dressed with overflowing window boxes and brightly painted doors.

While there is much to detain you in lovely Belfast, you might want to take the quick trip over the lough, or small bay, to Carrickfergus Castle, the best-preserved Norman castle in Ireland.
Aug 28, Wednesday
Holyhead, Wales » 8 am 6 pm
Located in the northwest of Wales on Holy Island, Holyhead might be considered a remote locale. But connecting it to the mainland is the Four Mile Bridge and a causeway, which in turn carries both the A5 road and local rail line. Such routes easily transport travelers to the charming half-timbered town of Chester and to Britain’s primary city, London.

Yet there is much in Holyhead to keep visitors happily engaged right here. At the heart of Holyhead is St. Cybi’s Church, situated inside one of Europe’s only three-walled Roman forts. Indeed, local history stretches back to Roman times and before, with area settlements dating to prehistoric times. Maritime history is revealed in a museum where visitors can learn about the 100 or so shipwrecks that have occurred in the vicinity. Those who are feeling particularly energetic might make the trek to the South Stack Lighthouse, which stands guard over an area popular with birdwatchers.

Aug 29, Thursday
Liverpool, England » 8 am 6 pm
Liverpool grew to greatness in the 18th century, as the riches of the Americas and the West Indies flowed through its docks and marketplaces. (At one point it even had more dock space than London.) Enjoy the Town Hall built in those flourishing years, the Walker Art Gallery, or the delights of the restored Albert Dock, with its classy shops and maritime museum.
Aug 30, Friday
Cork/Cobh, Ireland » 8 am 5 pm

Cork is a quintessential Irish city, with spired churches, cozy pubs, lush green hills and water—lots of water.  The city center is built on an island surrounded by the two channels of River Lee, creating a town that is both picturesque and snug. Narrow lanes are lined with quaint, colorfully painted shops and houses; flowers bloom from baskets placed on doorsteps; Georgian buildings add an air of regal elegance.

There is a modern side to the city as well, especially on the heels of Cork’s 2005 designation as European Capital of Culture. New buildings are popping up, joining other contemporary structures to give the city a young and fresh vibe, a culture that is ever-vibrant with an ongoing infusion of actual youth who come to this university town to hit the books—and the local taverns.

Aug 31, Saturday
Portland, England » 9 am 8 pm
In some ways, the “Isle” of Portland is a misnomer. Measuring about four miles long by one-and-a-half miles wide, the small land mass located in the English Channel is limestone tied, connected to the mainland by both a beach and bridge.


Discussions of whether Portland qualifies as an island aside, there is no doubt as to its historic significance. Part of the Jurassic Coast, Portland is a World Heritage Site, so designated for its geology and landforms. Important manmade forms include Portland Castle, built by King Henry the VIII in 1539. The structure remains one of the best preserved castles of the period. Portland’s famous white limestone, meanwhile, has found its way to London, with iconic buildings such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and the eastern front of Buckingham Palace constructed with the Portland limestone Sir Christopher Wren used to rebuild London after the Great Fire of 1666.


Sep 1, Sunday
Guernsey/St. Peter Port, Channel Islands » 8 am 5 pm
Charming Guernsey, a mere 25 square miles in size, offers a host of enticing visitor attractions. Although geographically closer to France, it has remained staunchly British through the ages. Today, its diverse culture reflects the best of both worlds. Pastel-colored houses rise layer upon layer behind St. Peter Port, the island's picturesque main town. Beyond, you discover a wealth of activities centering around goldsmiths, silversmiths, wood carvers and clockmakers. Important: Please Read before Booking the Following Tours: Although the best available equipment has been requested, guests should be aware that transport may not be of international standard. Motor coaches are not air-conditioned. Your understanding is appreciated. Guernsey Island Introduction and Goldsmith's Workshop
Sep 2, Monday
London/Dover, England » 6 am*  
For centuries, Dover has been a symbol of England's royal fortitude. The port's legendary White Cliffs have long been a welcomed landmark for seafaring travelers. The solid Dover Castle has faced invasions by Roman, French and even English troops. London's legendary sights, including Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament Square, Whitehall and the fashionable West End, lie just 80 miles from historic Dover.

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*  Arrival and departure times will depend on tidal restrictions.
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