Deluxe Pure Staterooms

Breathing easy made simple... and more luxurious than ever. Enjoy the benefits of a PURE® stateroom on your next Crystal cruise!

Indulge. Relax. Breathe easy.

Allergy sufferers can check their discomfort at the door as we unveil the cruise industry’s first ever ultra-luxe hypoallergenic staterooms— a whole new category of luxury accommodations for the most refreshing night’s sleep possible on the World's Best cruise line. In our continued efforts to enhance our guests' experience, since November 2013, Crystal Cruises offers Deluxe PURE® Staterooms at sea.   

In conjunction with PURE® Marine Solutions, sister company of leading allergy-friendly hospitality innovator PURE Global, Crystal Serenity stateroom categories P1 and P2 and Crystal Symphony stateroom categories A2 and A3 are now completely hypoallergenic indoor environments by undergoing a 7-step process to eliminate 99.9% of impurities including dust from the air. For guests who suffer from allergies, for those who have mild respiratory issues such as asthma, or for those who simply desire a respite from the air quality in particular worldwide port cities, these newly treated staterooms will become a haven of fresh air— at no additional cost!

What is a PURE Stateroom?

It is a comprehensive indoor environment solution achieved by treating all surfaces and the surrounding air of your stateroom. Crystal Cruises, a leading innovator in the cruise industry for more than two decades, is the first cruise line to offer PURE staterooms at sea.

Why choose a PURE stateroom?

A Deluxe PURE Stateroom gives guests tangible results:  
• Relief from allergies and mild respiratory issues, including coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and watery eyes.  (Crystal’s PURE particle-free reduction process exceeds asthma and allergy community recommendations).
• More sound sleep, waking refreshed.
• Breathing of clean, crisp, ultra-fresh air, thereby enhancing the relaxation and recuperation that people expect from vacation.
• No chemicals, no lingering odors—PURE’s cleaning solutions are completely invisible to the eye, smell and touch.

How does a room become PURE?

Through a patented air and surface 2-phased purification process (inspected every six months) including the following 7 steps:

Phase 1: Disinfection

1.     Deep Clean Air-Handling Unit: Each room’s air handling systems (heat and air-conditioning), including fan blades, condensation lines, and drop pans, are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using PURE’s advanced treatment, leading to a dramatically improved overall air quality in each room.
2.    PURE Clean: Every surface of the room, including furniture, curtains, and carpeting, is deep-cleaned and sanitized using special vacuums and a PURE plant based cleaning solution that disintegrates bio films and maximizes removal of dirt and bacteria that traditional cleaners may leave behind.
3.    One-time High Ozone Shock Treatment: An advanced shock treatment completely eliminates particles, viruses, germs, and odors from every inch of the room, resulting in a fresh, crisp environment.

Phase 2: Prevention and Maintenance

4.     PURE Shield: A patented bacteriostatic barrier is applied everywhere, from light switches and remote controls  to countertops and artwork, repelling new microorganism growth for up to two years and making it nearly impossible for bacteria and viruses to survive in a PURE environment.
5.    PURE Tea Tree Oil Cartridge. A natural antimicrobial disinfectant, safe even for scent allergy sufferers, is strategically placed to maintain the room’s sanitized conditions.
6.    Air Purification System: A patented PURE air purifier is discretely installed inside the room, providing 24-hour defense against airborne irritants.  Listed by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device, PURE’s state-of-the-art system is 150 times more efficient than HEPA and proven to eliminate from the air  100% of organisms as they pass thru the air purifier. 
7.    Allergy-Friendly Bedding: Micro-fiber, mono-filament mattress and pillow encasements add an extra layer of allergen protection while sleeping.

Crystal’s housekeeping staff will be trained in any daily maintenance routines required.  Every six months, PURE specialists will also re-service the rooms, ensuring spaces are kept to the highest of hygiene levels indefinitely. 

Our guests’ overall comfort is very important to us and we’re pleased to be able to provide an allergy-friendly, healthy alternative for those who seek one. To learn more about PURE Solutions, visit their website at today, and then book your Deluxe PURE stateroom aboard Crystal and prepare to breathe easy as you sail the world aboard the World’s Best.