Medical Information

It is our goal to ensure that your Crystal® cruise is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We will do everything we can to accommodate those who have physical challenges or disabilities and require special assistance. Guests who may need special assistance due to a mobility disability, hearing or sight impairment, or who require a service animal or oxygen should refer to our Onboard Accessibility Guide for help preparing for the upcoming cruise.

The professional services of our medical staff, as well as certain medications, are available on board at reasonable costs. Guests requiring ongoing medication, or having specific dietary needs, are advised to bring an ample supply of medication or dietary supplements with them in their carry-on luggage.

International regulations require Crystal Cruises® to maintain a list that identifies guests who may require special assistance in the unlikely event of an emergency. In addition, Crystal Cruises strives to make certain all guests receive the highest level of personalized service possible while on board. In order to meet both objectives, we ask for your cooperation in providing us with information regarding any special assistance that you may require. Guests who have existing medical conditions and who may require treatment by the ship’s medical staff, or those who may require other types of special assistance due to a mobility disability, must contact Crystal Cruises Onboard Guest Services Department by fax 310-785-3975, email, or complete and return the Special Assistance form provided in the document package prior to departure.

Miscellaneous Mobility Devices, Facilities for the Physically Challenged and Oxygen Dependency


Portable oxygen tanks and concentrators may be used on board. However, for safety reasons, Crystal Cruises Onboard Guest Services Department MUST be notified and a completed and approved Release and Indemnity Form received no later than 30 days in advance of the sailing. Liquid oxygen is prohibited on board due to safety concerns. A guest bringing his or her own oxygen equipment must make direct arrangements with an independent medical contractor who has agreed to undertake all required arrangements without involving the ship's onboard Medical Center and its personnel. For a list of approved vendors, please refer to the Onboard Accessibility Guide (also available in hard copy from our Onboard Guest Services Department). The oxygen-dependent guest should travel with a companion who is also completely familiar with the operation of the equipment. The guest is responsible to ensure that the equipment is off-loaded at the end of the cruise.

Oxygen-dependent guests are limited to those cruises on which they can be properly supported by equipment vendors and which have itineraries that will easily allow medical disembarkation if it should be required. The number of oxygen-dependent guests using portable equipment is very limited on any cruise. Requests for oxygen equipment for a specific cruise will be processed by Crystal Cruises’ Onboard Guest Services Department in the order of date received.

Wheelchair Access, Use of Electric Scooters, Motorized Wheelchairs, Other Mobility Devices, Facilities for the Physically Challenged

Guests with any disability, including those primarily confined to wheelchairs or scooters, are medically oxygen dependent, are hearing impaired or use service animals, must notify Crystal Cruises at the time of booking as they may be required to submit forms for Release and Indemnity directly to Onboard Guest Services by fax 310-785-3975 or email prior to sailing.

For complete details and guidelines, guests who have special requirements, physical challenges or need oxygen should refer to our Onboard Accessibility Guide. If you would like a hard copy of the Onboard Accessibility Guide, you may request it through Onboard Guest Services department by calling 1-310-785-9300, or via email at

Guests must bring their own wheelchair, electrically powered wheelchair or electric scooter that does not exceed 22" wide. Please note: Crystal Cruises reserves the right to limit the number of electric scooters on board.

Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity were designed to be accessible for the physically challenged, with ramp access to most decks and public areas. Ships’ elevators can accommodate most wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs or electrically-powered scooters that do not exceed 22" wide, allowing access to all public decks. It is strongly recommended that the guest be accompanied by a traveling companion for better access to all areas on and around both Crystal ships, as well as ashore.

Certain staterooms offer extra-wide doors, fully wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and wheelchair-accessible closets with low-fitted hanging rods. Some suites offer limited wheelchair access to personal facilities. Staterooms and suites designated for guests with disabilities are subject to availability and must be reserved prior to boarding the ship.

Going Ashore

In select ports, the ship will be at anchor and not docked next to the pier. In these ports guests are taken ashore by small boats called tenders. Please be advised that even if the ship is originally scheduled to dock at a pier, it may need to be changed to anchored (as determined by the Captain) and tendering will be required.

Guests in electric wheelchairs or those who are unable to take a few steps without assistance from a supportive device will be unable to board.

Please note that collapsible wheel chairs are allowed, but the guest must be independently mobile to board and exit the tender boats. There will be crew members there to guide and steady guests who are embarking the tender, but they cannot support, carry or lift guests on board the tender for safety reasons. Motorized wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters are not allowed on tenders.

In addition, weather, sea conditions and other factors may preclude any tendering at all. The safety of our guests and crew is always our primary consideration. Therefore, the Captain and his staff will make the final decision regarding transferring all guests based on safety reasons.

If guests are unable to use the tenders due to weather or physical impairment, there will be no refund or credit for missed ports. We appreciate your understanding the safety of our guests and crew takes precedence.

Additional conditions may apply and should be discussed in detail with Onboard Guest Services at time of booking.