Singapore to Cape Town on Crystal Serenity
DATES : March 10 - 28, 2014 (21 Days)  CRUISE-ONLY FARES FROM : $8,220 Per Person


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Enjoy complimentary enrichment that inspires and choices that impress with instruction in topics from Pilates to Photoshop. Also featured on every Crystal cruise is a delightful combination of entertainers and guest speakers that include world affairs experts, renowned writers and fascinating celebrities to talk about their professional experiences and share their insights.

Cruise 4305 - Temples & Safaris

Africa, Asia, World Cruise
Singapore to Cape Town
March 10 to March 28, 2014
18 Days (11 sea days) aboard Crystal Serenity

*Theme: Extreme Thrill Seekers


Birger Vorland

Hotel Director

Josef Lumetsberger

Cruise Director

Rick Spath 

World Cruise Hostess

Stacey Huston

Maître D'

Leo Assmair

Crystal Society Hostess

Jaque Brown

Cruise Sales Consultant

Paula Jean Pfitzer

Headline Entertainers

Christine Andreas, Vocalist 
Ian Cooper
, Variety Violinist
Peter Cutler, Variety Performer
David Knight, Hypnotist
Scott Record, Vocalist/Comedian/Impressionist
Steve Stevens, Comedian/Musician
Philip Wojciechowsky, Variety Pianist 

Magic Castle At Sea

Debbie Leifer

Lounge Pianists

Colin SalterAvenue Saloon 
John Mentis, Crystal Cove

Production Shows

Featuring the Crystal Ensemble of Singers and Dancers
Across the Pond
Curtain Call
iLuminate: The Tourist
Rocket Man: A Tribute to Elton John
starring Jonathan Kane
Standing Room Only
(Please note: not all shows are performed on all cruises).

Crystal Visions Enrichment Program

Celebrity Guest Speaker: Olympian

Dain Blanton (Los Angeles, CA)
Dain Blanton is an American beach volleyball player who won the gold medal in Beach Volleyball in the 2000 Olympic Games, with partner Eric Fonoimoana. He returned to the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece with partner Jeff Nygaard, becoming the first two-time U.S. male Beach Volleyball Olympian. Dain is one of the only players in the history of volleyball to win a championship at every level of the game (collegiate, Olympic and professional). He is known for his fast serve holding the AVP record for 11 aces in a single game to 15 in Vail, CO in 1997.

Currently Dain is the Analyst for Professional Beach Volleyball worldwide covering the FIVB (Federation of International Volleyball), AVP, NVL (National Volleyball League, and the Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Series as well as the Sideline Reporter for the NBA Los Angeles Clippers. His new career in Sports Broadcasting has involved working with ABC, NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports Net and Universal Sports Network. He is covering many sports including NBA, Beach Volleyball, MLB, College Basketball and College Football. Dain also does many motivational speaking events each year to inspire and be a role model to many.

Dain was the runner-up to Andrew Firestone on the third season of ABC television network reality show The Bachelor.

Destination Lecturer: Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist

Ken Rees (Bristol, England)
Ken Rees brings to the role of destination lecturer over 25 years experience as a world-travelling foreign correspondent.  During his career, he has reported extensively from Italy, Greece, and the Middle East.  His many news credits include the Lebanese civil war, the first Gulf War, the loss of the space shuttle Challenger, and the sectarian troubles of Northern Ireland. Ken has held almost every job in a television newsroom from scriptwriter, news editor, and reporter to Director of News and Current Affairs.  During a 15-year career with Britain’s flagship network program, ITN’s News at Ten, he served as a Senior Foreign Correspondent and spent six years covering the United States from Washington, D.C. In 1986 the Royal Television Society named Ken as Television Reporter of the Year, their highest honor.  He now works as a broadcast consultant, trains journalists for TV companies, and writes on travel and world affairs.

Special Interest Lecturer

Edwina Currie (Derbyshire, England)
Edwina was born and brought up in Liverpool and attended the same school as Paul McCartney and George Harrison. She won a scholarship to Oxford where she read Philosophy, Politics and Economics. For nine years Edwina was a teacher and lecturer and after marriage and two daughters, Edwina embarked on career number 1: politics. She is proud of her role in transforming her “patch” from a rundown coal-mining area to the European home of Toyota, but is best known as Minister in the Department of Health under Margaret Thatcher. She was on the first team to tackle AIDS/HIV in Britain (the 'tombstones' campaign), brought in nation-wide screening for both breast and cervical cancer, and tried persuade the British to live more healthily. In December, 1988, faced with over 500 victims a week of serious food poisoning through salmonella in eggs (and over 60 deaths that year), she turned whistle-blower to warn the public of the danger. In 1997 when Tony Blair swept to power, Edwina lost her parliamentary seat, thus bringing to an end 22 years in elected office.

As a backbencher Edwina turned her talents to career number 2: writing books. Altogether she has 11 to her name including best-selling novels A Parliamentary Affair and A Woman’s Place. Her Diaries 1987-1992 caused a stir on publication in 2002, when curious events at Westminster were revealed. Ten years on, her Diaries 1992 -1997, covering the last Tory government and the rise of Tony Blair, have also attracted lively comment. One reviewer wrote that the two volumes are “the best account I know of the experience of being a woman in British politics: it's the personal dimension as much as the political that makes them such a valuable record. In fifty years' time, students will be reading them and (one hopes) shaking their heads in bewilderment at such a strange world.”

Edwina’s third career has been in the media where she is a well-known commentator appearing weekly on radio and TV. She was the UK winner of Celebrity Mastermind in 2004, but did not do so well on Strictly Come Dancing in 2011 (US equivalent: Dancing with the Stars) though it was “a thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

Fellow MP Julian Critchley once said, “Edwina has a brass neck, a silver tongue, and a golden pen” while former colleague Matthew Parris wrote, “Edwina is the best communicator the Tories have.”

Special Interest Lecturer

Carmin Romanelli (Glenwood, NJ)
Carmin Romanelli is vice president of Sports Business Development for Getty Images. His duties include working with all of the major sports leagues and governing bodies to establish and maintain commercial relationships for sports and sports photography. As a 35 year sports and photography professional, Carmin has spent the last 10 years of his career leading the Getty Images sports business. Prior to Getty Images, Carmin spent 11 years as director of photography for the National Basketball Association where he managed all aspects of the NBA’s photography business including creative, operations, technical and licensing. He was also the director of photography at the short-lived daily sports newspaper, The National. A graduate of New York University, Carmin has a degree in film and television. He is also a graduate of the Media Arts Center in New York where he earned a degree in photography. Carmin has also run the Time Life Photo Lab and worked with all of the major Time Warner publications including Sports Illustrated, Time, Life and People Magazine.

Special Interest Lecturer

Rick Senat (London, England)
Rick has over 40 years’ experience in the film and media world. He joined Warner Bros. in 1976, becoming its Senior Vice-President for Business and Legal Affairs in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In that position he has worked closely with many prominent filmmakers. He retired from Warner Bros. after 25 years’ service in 2001. He has served as Vice Chair of the British Film Institute and as Chair of Film Education. Currently, he is a partner in The Blair Partnership, (representing J.K. Rowling and other authors), a Director of Pottermore Ltd., (J.K. Rowling's digital publishing venture), of Bank Leumi (UK) and of Cineworld, the UK's largest cinema operator. A visiting professor at Lincoln University he is also Chairman of the London Film Museum with 2 venues, County Hall, by the Thames and the London Eye, and in Covent Garden, London. Rick is a graduate of University College London and a Solicitor.

Amongst the projects with which he has been closely associated are the Harry Potter franchise, Greystoke, Batman, Superman and many more. For several years he was a director of the legendary British Film Company Hammer Film Productions. Since leaving Warner Bros. he co-produced Claude Lelouch's film of And Now Ladies and Gentlemen, with Jeremy Irons and has also produced Zipp for the West End Stage. He has acted as a consultant to various productions including Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, Troy, Alfie, Sahara, Batman Begins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, Nanny McPhee, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and many others. He is currently working as Executive producer of The Casual Vacancy, J.K. Rowling’s most recent novel which will be co-produced with the BBC later this year. He is currently producing a play at the Soho Theatre in London. It has been presented in both French and English to excellent reviews.

Special Interest Lecturer

Bill Toone (Escondido, CA)
Bill Toone is an internationally recognized conservation biologist and currently the executive director of the ECOLIFE Foundation. He began his career with a fascination for birds and launched his studies on the critically endangered California condor.  From collecting eggs from the wild to rearing chicks with a lifelike hand puppet, Bill brought his own creative twist to his work.  His passion for wildlife and unusual places has led him to work in Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Cameroon and Madagascar to name just a few of the more than 100 countries where more nights were spent in tents than hotel rooms. His joy in sharing unusual but pertinent wildlife tidbits led to early appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and PBS’ Real Jurassic Park.  Later he worked with Olivia Newton-John filming conservation stories in Costa Rica and was most recently featured on CBS' Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood.

*Theme Presentations: Extreme Thrill Seekers

Theme Lecturer: Explorer, Round the World Yachtswoman

Rona Cant (Oxford, England)
Only a few years ago, before embarking upon her epic rite of passage to become the intrepid adventurer and inspirational communicator she is today, Rona was the epitome of ‘ordinary’ – an unexceptional middle-aged, single parent. However, she had a dream, a lifelong ambition to travel which has led her, as an alarmingly novice sailor, to take on the toughest yacht race in the world. Rona’s compelling and memorable stores will captivate her audience and help them to overcome the fear of failure and see challenges and change as opportunities. She has used her experiences as a foundation on which to build a successful career as a motivational speaker and author.

For the last twelve years across three continents Rona has been motivating businesses and individuals to get out of their comfort zone and reach their potential. Rona has taken on ‘the challenge of a lifetime’ at an age when most people are slowing down by becoming a round-the-world yachtswoman. She competed in the ‘BT Global Challenge Round the World Yacht Race’ (the toughest yacht race in the world) 2000-2001 because she wanted to do something different to celebrate the Millennium – in fact she was racing round Cape Horn in a storm when the clock struck midnight. Four days after returning she flew to Canada to embark on the notorious ‘West Coast Trail’ on Vancouver Island (one of the world’s 10 toughest trails) encountering bears and cougars.

Leaving no time for the grass to grow beneath her, Rona then tackled the challenge of the Arctic in March, 2003, dog-sledding across the frozen wilderness in temperatures as low as minus 30˚C, this time raising money for Cancer Research UK. Scarcely pausing for breath, she went on three weeks later, to win the inaugural ‘Round Britain & Ireland Race’ using the same yachts that were used in the Global Challenge – however, they won this race in 11 days, 11 hours, 28 minutes and 11 seconds. In 2004, Rona helped organize and took part in the Nordkapp Expedition, dog-sledding 600k through the Norwegian Arctic to the northernmost tip of Europe, a trail that had not been done before and which was thought to be impossible. Despite injury, storm and temperatures of minus 25˚C the three ‘man’ team achieved their goal.

Theme Lecturer

Mick Pitman (Darwin, Australia)
Mick Pitman, a true Outback Australian character, is known as Crocodile Mick. Mick is a crocodile hunter and is a renowned expert in crocodile taxidermy, crocodile leather and products for over 30 years.  His expertise with crocodiles, his stories and knowledge, has taken him from croc hunter to author and TV adventurer. He has appeared on ITV's Ray Mears' Close Encounters and History Channel's Outback Hunters

Mick was born in 1958 in the highlands of Tasmania. In the late 1950s his family were involved in building dams and power stations, which meant a bush upbringing. In the early 1970s Mick followed his adventurous nature and went to the Gulf of Carpentaria in the far north of Australia. During that time he met the infamous crocodile hunter and poacher Jack Kiel. Jack worked with Mick for over 10 years and taught him taxidermy and all aspects of crocodile hunting. 

Around 1996, amnesty with the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency was declared for those that were crocodile poaching and Mick was granted a license to become legally involved in the crocodile industry. He was then invited to go into Papua New Guinea on an expedition (a village had lost 13 people killed by a large crocodile) to help a village rid themselves of the large crocodile. Whilst in PNG he helped changed legislation with the PNG Government and open up for the first time game hunting crocodiles. 

Mick has a partnership with David Gulpilil (who had movie roles in Australia and Crocodile Dundee) and his people of Arnhem Land. They have united many clans across the Northern Top End of Australia in a common cause of sustainable harvesting of crocodiles. A group was formed and run by Traditional Owners for the crocodiles in Australia called the “Crocodile Country Mob.” It is aboriginal run and owned and plays a key role in crocodile management and policy across the Top End. Currently Mick is working on an expedition to Papua New Guinea, where he will be looking for world record size crocodiles. 

Local Insights

This exclusive program brings aboard local entertainers and experts to perform and share their unique, first-hand knowledge of art, politics, history, geography or archaeology of select regions and destinations. Guests can enjoy live lectures and interviews at sea and local shows in port.

Local Insights Lecturer

Rob Caskie (Howick, South Africa)
Rob was born in the Natal Midlands, South Africa in 1966 and was educated at Howick High School where he was head boy. He went on to graduate from the University of Natal with a BSc Honors Degree in Agriculture. After graduation and national service, he immediately made his mark on the guiding profession as a photographic safari guide and wildlife film-maker in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. His expertise in this field earned him a place as official photographer on Kingsley Holgate’s Afrika Odyssey expedition in 1993 along the waterways of Africa. With travel, people and photography firmly under his skin, Rob embarked on a four-year, round-the-world, expedition which took him through the UK, Europe, Israel, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. The last sixteen months were spent travelling and working in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Alaska. This global voyage cemented Rob’s interest in people, cultures and history.

In April 2001, Rob joined David and Nicky Rattray at Fugitives’ Drift on the Anglo-Zulu War battlefields. Throughout his childhood, Rob had spoken both English and Zulu and during his national service in 1984-1985, he had served with Zulu troops, and consequently had a deep interest in the Zulu people. He came to be an invaluable asset to the world-famous pioneer of heritage tourism. It was during his tenure at Fugitives’ Drift that Rob honed his unique talent for storytelling. For ten years he was engaged in hosting and guiding often distinguished guests around the battlefields of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. His ability to bring the drama of these battlefields to life ensured that he rapidly began to establish himself as a world-class orator.

Since 2004, Rob has lectured extensively in the UK and South Africa to both corporate and private clients, often in aid of charitable causes, including Help for Heroes. His achievements were recognized with the honor of being invited to speak at the Royal Geographic Society in London, where he spoke to a full house. He has again been invited to showcase his talk 'Going South with Scott & Shackleton’ to the Royal Geographic Society.

In 2011, Rob left Fugitives’ Drift and began his own business as a professional speaker and specialist tour guide. He has since been creating and leading bespoke safaris around the untouched battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal, bringing their incredible stories to life. He has also recently led a group to the Antarctic, his other passion, where he related the expeditions of Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton. Rob has also developed a talk to take into the Boardroom, Endurance: Shackleton's Way, which is a business oriented presentation highlighting how Shackleton chose individuals, created teams and always believed in a positive outcome. 

History has always formed the core of his talks, but the remarkable epics of human struggle and the triumphs of the human spirit which make our history so rich also offer powerful lessons which bear vital importance in today’s corporate world. Always confident with people, Rob thrives on the challenge and reward of entertaining audiences in the theaters of their imagination and transporting them via the power of a story well told.

Local Insights Lecturer: Former Leader of the Opposition, Parliament of South Africa

Ambassador Tony Leon (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 
For nearly 20 years Tony Leon was a Member of Parliament in South Africa, and for thirteen years he led the Democratic Alliance.  He began his political career in the antiapartheid Progressive party and became the longest serving Leader of the Opposition since the advent of democracy in April 1994.  He led and grew his party from its marginal position on the brink of political extinction into the second largest political force in South Africa.  President Nelson Mandela described him as “a leader whose dynamism and analysis keeps everyone on their toes.”

A trained lawyer, Tony Leon actively participated in the critical constitutional negotiations which led to the birth of a democratic South Africa.  He has been at the forefront of national and international events, as a front-ranking parliamentarian, a renowned orator and writer, and as a Vice-President of Liberal International.  He has addressed many international conferences, from the Council on Foreign Relations to the World Economic Forum in South Africa.

Tony Leon has been widely published in academic journals and has authored articles for Time, The Spectator, Harvard International Review, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, the Financial Times, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph. He has published two books: Hope and Fear: Reflections of a Democrat and the South African bestseller On the Contrary: Leading the Opposition in a Democratic South Africa.

After standing down from political leadership in 2007, he was awarded a Fellowship at the Institute of Politics at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.  In 2008 he was a Visiting Fellow at the Global Center for Liberty and Prosperity at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C.  In August, 2009 he was appointed South African Ambassador to Argentina.

Local Insights Lecturer

Clem Sunter (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Clem Sunter was born in Suffolk, England and was educated at Winchester College. He went to Oxford where he read Politics, Philosophy and Economics before joining Charter Consolidated as a management trainee in 1966. In 1971, he moved to Lusaka in Zambia to work for Anglo American Corporation Central Africa. From there he was transferred in 1973 to the Head Office of Anglo American Corporation of South Africa in Johannesburg. He spent most of his subsequent career in the Gold and Uranium Division, serving as its Chairman and CEO from 1990 to 1996. At the time it was the largest gold producer in the world. He was until recently Chairman of the Anglo American Chairman's Fund, which in a recent survey was rated the premier corporate social responsibility fund in South Africa. 

In the early 1980s, he established a scenario planning function in Anglo with teams in London and Johannesburg. Using material from these teams, Mr. Sunter put together a presentation entitled, The World and South Africa in the 1990s which became very popular in South Africa in the mid-1980s. In it, two scenarios were offered for South Africa: the 'High Road' of negotiation leading to a political settlement and the 'Low Road' of confrontation leading to a civil war and a wasteland. South Africa took the High Road. Two highlights for Clem were a presentation to FW de Klerk and the Cabinet in 1986 and a visit to Nelson Mandela in prison to discuss the future just before his release. 

Since 1987, he has authored 14 books some of which have been bestsellers. His other main interest is seeking to mobilize the private sector in the war against HIV/AIDS. He was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Cape Town for his work in the field of scenario planning. He was also voted by leading South African CEOs as the speaker who has made the most significant contribution to, and impact on, best practice and business in South Africa. In 2006, he was invited to give a scenario presentation at the Central Party School in Beijing - a rare privilege for a foreigner. He also facilitated sessions on global warming in New Delhi and London. 

Local Entertainment

TBA, Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius
TBA, Durban, South Africa

The Crystal Cruises Creative Learning Institute

Our innovative series of complimentary interactive classes created to enhance our guests quality of life in the areas of Arts & Entertainment, Business & Technology, Lifestyle & Wellness. Guests receive a certificate of completion at the end of the curriculum.

Arts & Entertainment

Passport To Music presented by Yamaha and Crystal Cruises. Instructor Elaine Rusk (Georgetown, Canada) introduces adult beginners to the joy and satisfaction of playing the keyboard in a fun and non-intimidating atmosphere. Tradition and technology meet in harmony to create this hands-on learning experience using Yamaha's exciting keyboards. Passport To Music is designed for those with little or no previous keyboard experience. 

Yamaha World Cruise Comprehensive is a course designed for those with prior experience and will explore a variety of musical topics throughout the 2014 World Cruise. This sailing’s topic, The Nuts and Bolts of Music includes applied technique and music theory, rhythm exploration, repertoire and individual goals (continued).

Odyssey Art At Sea Instructor

Get your creative juices flowing using a variety of media in classes taught by our specially trained Odyssey Art at Sea instructor Linda Perlmutter (Sleepy Hollow, NY). 

Odyssey Art At Sea Knitting Instructor

The relaxing and social aspects of knitting have been added on select cruises. On this sailing, Gail Ivanco (Kitchener, Canada) will host knitting classes and all levels are welcome. Participants are encouraged to knit together sharing skills and advice in a congenial environment. Participation is limited.

USC School of Cinematic Arts Presents...

Digital Filmmaking: The iPad Moviemaking Course. A fun way to learn the fundamentals of filmmaking.
Kerry Millerick and Dina Sterr (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Want to take your home movies to the next level and learn how to share them with family and friends? In five entertaining classes, learn how to shoot and edit short movies using an iPad. Improve your video and photo skills. The course is taught by professionals, but aimed at non-professionals.
Course requirements: please bring your own iPad pre-loaded with the iMovie application. If you do not already own the iMovie for iOS app, you must have iOS7 in order to download iMovie from the App Store. If you have an older version of the iMovie app, be sure to update to the current version. You cannot download the app on board the ship. Please sign up online using the Priority Check-in & Planning Center (PCPC). If you sign up on board, make sure to sign up EARLY, in the Library, as the class size is limited.

Computer University@Sea

Lead Technology Concierge Arwin Mañalac plus Instructors Michael Newell (Vero Beach, FL) and Judy Koehler (Vero Beach, FL). Our popular Computer University@Sea program: expanded curriculum of complimentary lectures and classes on a variety of computer-related topics, plus e-mail instruction in our computer center, equipped with 25 state-of-the-art workstations, all equipped for e-mail and Internet access (fees apply).

A new series of "Everything Apple" courses developed and taught by Professor Stan Leja and Mary Leja (Corpus Christi, TX) is focused on iPads, iTunes, iWork, iLife, and iCloud. This new training provides several different, 7-hour Continuing Education Unit, CEU, granting courses from Del Mar College designed to improve your ability to understand and to use your Apple devices.  Each course will contain different in depth lectures and experimentation with various applications on both iPad devices and Apple computers.  Social media, photography, music, navigation, communications, business applications, videos, and reading with Apple devices will all be covered during different portions of World Cruise 2014.  A fee will be charged to attend these courses. 

To fully participate in this coursework, you need to come onboard with the following:  One iPad (v3 or v4) or iPad Mini, with iOS 7 installed that has cellular (GPS) capability.  The following applications need to be downloaded and installed on your iPad prior to joining this voyage:  Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iPhoto, GarageBand, iMovie, GoodReader for iPad, Adobe Photoshop Express, Kindle, and MotionX GPS HD.


Berlitz Foreign Language Instruction: Spanish classes, focusing on basic vocabulary and phrases to help guests communicate in foreign countries, are taught by certified Berlitz Language instructor Bertha Alvarez (Scottsdale, AZ).

Memoir Writing

Joe Kita (Schnecksville, PA)
If you’ve ever thought about writing the story of your life, here’s your opportunity. Joe Kita has been a professional journalist for almost three decades. He has authored six popular books, written for numerous national magazines, taught writing at Lehigh University, and appeared on Oprah and other national programs. Joe has taught memoir writing on four previous Crystal World Cruises, and dozens of his students have published books. In this special course, you’ll learn everything from how to focus and organize your memoir to how to edit yourself and find a publisher. In addition, Joe will supply one-on-one coaching throughout the trip, reviewing and critiquing your manuscripts. If you’ve been thinking about your legacy or if your family has been bugging you to “write this stuff down!” for years, don’t miss this chance to finally get started.

Guest Master Photographer

John Parris
John Parris’ passion for photography becomes clear in the images he captures with his portraiture commissions. His portraits range from traditional to informal to contemporary, but most importantly they capture the character of the individual or couple. Through his creativity and professional excellence, John’s portraits are appreciated by all who have commissioned him. John was named the Scottish Wedding Photographer of the Year, Scottish Portrait Photographer of the Year and British Fashion Photographer of the Year. He has won countless awards of Merit & Excellence and is in high demand worldwide for commissions and as a speaker and lecturer. A Fellow of The British Institute of Professional Photography and of the Master Photographers Association, John is the only professional photographer in Scotland to hold a portrait fellowship and is a UK National Qualifications Judge. John is an exciting portrait photographer whose vibrant style and technique, in both studio and location settings, have established him as one of Scotland’s most sought after Master Photographers. John will set up reservations to have exclusive portrait sessions with guests. Selected images from these portrait sessions will be presented in a hand-crafted, custom-bound album. Guests may also make pre-reservations by emailing Paragon Pixels in advance of their cruise at info@paragonpixels.com.


Crystal Cruises' exclusive Walk-on-Water program features The WALKVEST® Training System which revolutionizes walking simply by adding resistance (added weight) to your walk.

Nordic Walking
Rick Deutsch (San Jose, CA) is the creator of the Crystal Cruises Nordic Walking Program and is a certified master instructor. He’ll be leading our morning and afternoon Nordic Walkers. He has lived the Carpe Diem (Seize the day) lifestyle, enjoying adventure travel worldwide. He's hiked in many rewarding places including and the Galapagos, Machu Picchu, the Great Wall, Mt. Fuji and the Pyramids. Some of Rick's other 'personal bests' include summiting California's Mount Whitney and Mount Shasta, rafting through the Grand Canyon (three times), bicycling the 500-mile Iowa cross-state bike tour (twice), mountain biking in Utah, dog sledding in Alaska, and over 250 scuba dives in exotic locales. He’s hiked to the top Half Dome, the granite monolith symbol of Yosemite National Park 40 times. He is rarely without his LEKI® poles for stability and balance. Rick gives corporate motivational keynote speeches and lectures on hiking at museums, libraries, colleges, outfitters and to civic groups.

Pilates Instructor

Grace Wang (Valley Village, CA)

Yoga Instructors

Maria and Joe Kita (Schnecksville, PA)

Golf Teaching Professional

Joe Herbert (Littleton, CO) 
Joe Herbert has maintained membership in the PGA for over 35 years, as well as being Life Member and Quarter Century Club member. His experience includes being a Head Golf Professional/Golf Director at exclusive country clubs in Colorado. In addition, during the spring and summer months, he is the Director of Golf Instruction at Arrowhead Golf Club (Golf Digest Top 100 golf courses) in Littleton, CO. During the winter, Joe is the Director of Golf Instruction at the beautiful Classic Golf Club in Palm Springs, CA. Joe hosted the Bob Hope golf tournament from 2006 - 2009. Joe has been honored with the 1997 nomination for PGA Teaching Professional and Junior Golf Leader as well as the 2009/2010 President’s Council Award for Outstanding Golf Instructor of Developing Golf Instruction Programs. He has been featured in 2010 Style magazine during the U.S. Open, and Boomer Golf News for his outstanding teaching abilities. Joe has signed with Southwest Airlines and Swift Air for his golf instructions and DVDs while in the air on WIFI. Recently, due to the large number of requests from his students around the world, Joe released a DVD set, Fundamentals of Golf. Joe considers teaching golf to others to be one of the highlights of his life. 
Our exclusive program features TaylorMade, the best performance golf company in the world and #1 driver in golf.

ACBL Bridge Instructors

Polly and Richard Pekruhn (Charleston, SC) and Ginny and Jeff Schuett (Riverwoods, IL) 
Beginner, intermediate and advanced bridge classes, and afternoon games.

Catholic Clergy

Father Thomas Maguire (Folsom, CA)

Jewish Clergy

Rabbi Morris Hershman (Burlingame, CA)

Protestant Clergy

Pastor Ed Voosen (Leicester, MA)

Dance Team/Instructors

Curtis Collins (Los Angeles, CA) and Beverly Durand (Thousand Oaks, CA) 
Daily dance classes on sea days, and private lessons by appointment.

Ambassador Hosts

Jorge Doctolero (Sunnyvale, CA) 
John Farrell
(Tampa, FL) 
Joe Glasgow
(Sarasota, FL)
Don Hanni
(Sebastapol, CA) 
Bob Marinaro (Ashburn, VA)
Marty Mulligan
(Toms River, NJ)
Steve Ong
(Fremont, CA)
Al Padua
(San Francisco, CA)
Lamar Webster (St. George, UT) 
Jim Wood
(Allentown, PA)

List as of 03/12/2014. All Crystal Visions Enrichment Program personnel, entertainers, dates and itineraries are subject to change without notice.
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