General Safety & Security Statements

We want to assure everyone that Crystal Cruises puts the utmost priority on the safety and security of our guests, crew and vessels. Our safety policies and procedures meet or exceed the SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) requirements and the STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) regulations, as mandated by the IMO (International Maritime Organization). Among our safety standards are:

  • Guest lifeboat drills conducted prior to our ships’ departures.
  • Weekly crew safety drills.
  • Lifeboat commanders undergo a lifeboat commander training course, in addition to their ongoing practical experience.
  • Deck watch officers receive Bridge Resource Management (BRM) training which is carried out in a simulator that can mimic virtually any navigational scenario including emergencies.
  • Passage planning meetings are held prior to departure from port during which clear instructions are given by the Captain to all deck watch officers on the specific courses to follow and the minimum safe closest point of approach to land or navigational dangers.
  • English designated as the working language aboard our ships. As such, prior to employment on board, all crew members must pass an English proficiency test.
  • Safety videos are broadcast in multiple languages on all stateroom televisions on embarkation day, prior to departure from port.
  • Proactive audits: As part of our Safety Management System (written policies and procedures for the safe operation of our ships) we conduct a comprehensive program of audits, both shipboard and ashore. Safety is a continual improvement process. On an ongoing basis, we highlight best practices and areas for improvement.

We want to remind everyone that accidents are an extremely rare occurrence in the cruise industry, and cruising continues to be one of the safest means of travel among all types of vacationing.

If you have any questions please email Crystal Cruises at CruiseQuestions@crystalcruises.com.